Google is the Greatest Search Engine ever made and they update their algorithms regularly to provide best possible results to the users. But there is one little problem. They always Track what we search and provide us Filtered Results with tons of Ads. It’s like they always keep an eye on what we do online, always. In the other side another search engine named DuckDuckGo is emerging which provides Ads Free search and mostly concern about user privacy and it avoid filter bubble of personalized search results.

Google vs DuckDuckGo

Both Google and DuckDuckGo are amazing websites but there is not much competition among them because Google is giant and DuckDuckGo is small for now. Both the Search Engines have Voice Search. DuckDuckGo refines his search engine results by deleting low quality contents such as eHow’s low quality paid freelancer articles. DuckDuckGo includes so-called “!Bang” commands, which give users the ability to redirect a search to specific websites.

There are tons of Features of Both the search engines which helps users to get their results directly typing on the Search Box. They work a lot to provide Maximum Information on the search result page only. You can click here to know about them- Google Search Features and DuckDuckGo Goodies.

You can find some of the most important features in Google such as Weather / Stock / Time / Sports Score Information, Calculator, Definition Dictionary, Spell Checker, Movie Showtime, Flight / Courier Tracker, Currency Conversion and related search. Most of the Mathematical Calculations are done directly on search Pages. You can also compare Similar Topics, Know details about Movie, Actors, Personalities, Company profiles, Nutrition Information, Distance Between Places directly on the search result Pages.

google search result

Before Knowing more about DuckDuckGo here is a Video which you must watch-

Most of the Features which I have mentioned above are present in DuckDuckGo but along with that there are some additional features which you can find in DuckDuckGo such as Password Generator, Finding Software Alternatives, Emotion Meaning, QR Code Generator, Identifying cryptographic functions, Flipping Words, Recipes, Short URL Expander, Website Status similar to , hello World programs of many Programs and http status code descriptions. Along with that Geographical information such as Heights of Popular Monuments, country Info is also found directly on search page. Most of the mathematical calculations are done directly on the search page. You can find lyrics of most of the Songs on the search result page. Color Code, Ascii table, Unicode conversion, wordpress answers can be also found in search result.

duckduckgo search features

There are tons of Additional Features which you will enjoy in Both the Search Engines which you can find by exploring them.

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