Sending online money is the Fastest way and secure way to send money but Still People doesnt feel secure sending online. They prefer Bank Transfer rather. Previously Paypal was the best way to send money online but now some other Apps has been launched to send money online. Google Wallet is one  of them. So Here we will be comparing the Best among Paypal and Google Wallet.


Google Wallet is a new app which let you send money with an email address. As simple as that. But currently there is another Option for sending money that is Paypal. So here we will discuss about it.


Sending money through Google Wallet is simple. All you need to add the Email address and the Amount you want to send.

There is no fees to Transfer money. If you are sending money though your Debit or Credit card then some money will be Charged else its free.

And yes its of Google. If you are sending someone, he / she will not hesitate to make an account there and you do not need to explain them.

But, Its hard to Get the money out. You can use it to send money, but its difficult to takeout money or even impossible. So, before accepting money to wallet, be sure you can spent it or can withdraw it.

It charge around 2.9% for sending money through Debit card or Credit Card.

Its a Hard time for Google. Google is pushing this service more online and retail commerce but those company that Google needs Support from has Pushed back. Currently its pretty neat.


Google Wallet is a Good Option if you are habituated with Google’s ecosystem. But think before Choosing.




Paypal is doing nothing other than sending money in Every Possible way and its pretty Good in their Own way.


 Most of the online ecommerce Companies Accept Paypal Transfer. So, you can Spend money anywhere you want. Even you can signup for Paypal master card and spent anywhere that doesn’t accept your account Directly.

You can send money through Email address. As Google Wallet, here also you can send money through their Email address.

You have to pay fees for Debit or Credit cards. As in Google Wallet, you are going to spent a Small percentage of of money to Paypal. But its free to transfer from Paypal to Paypal.

Sometimes Paypal Account Freeze. It doesn’t happen always but in Few Cases it freeze account while dealing with Overseas.

It takes days to Transfer to Bank account. My personal experience says that Paypal takes days or even weeks to transfer money from Paypal to your Bank Account.

Paypal is one of the Best way to transfer or Store your Money online. It makes life easier as you do not need to worry more about it.

We have Given the Difference of then , now you have to Choose best of them.