When it comes to development of eCommerce sites, the factor that needs to be kept in mind is that at times the developers end up committing horrible mistakes that negate all the hard work put together. Hence, it is imperative that proper emphasis is paid to avoid these errors so as to ensure that the sites fulfill their objectives in a perfect and seamless way. The errors are many. However, let us deal with some of the most common as well as critical errors that plague the ecommerce site development fraternity.


Insufficient Product Description

This particular error is mainly committed while designing sites for online gift and shopping stores. Absence of sufficient text to describe the products virtually rings the death knell of the site, ending any probability of traffic getting interested in the site. Hence, it is extremely important to stuff as much information as possible, albeit in a crisp and consolidated form to describe the products. Also, it is imperative to update the information regularly to maintain the relevancy of the site in the virtual world.

One of the most convincing ways of measuring the uniqueness of the content is measuring the default word count of any blank product page. Take into account the number of words used in navigation, footer, and the sidebar. Now, count the number of words of your content. If the number of words of your content surpasses that word count, it will denote that the content is heavy enough to draw traffic. Also, the content will have to be unique.

Understandably, the more unique is the content of product description the better will be the SEO efforts, in the context of drawing enough traffic. However, it is imperative to keep the following points into reckoning:

Not uploading enough reviews on products

Most of the buyers, who are looking forward to purchase stuff online, make a thorough research on the client testimonials and product reviews before taking any decision. Naturally, the fate of these sites depends upon client testimonials and product reviews to a large extent. Hence, if a site does not have any review, it can be guaranteed that a large number of audiences will simply ignore the site, being skeptical about the authenticity.

Not focusing on proper optimization of product pages based on search demand

This is another blunder that the people end up committing, while doing SEO for Ecommerce sites. It is extremely important to consider the present demand of each and every product and conduct a comprehensive research on relevant keywords, based on that demand. The research should put maximum emphasis on the keywords that are mostly used by people on search engines while looking for those products. Otherwise, a situation may be created wherein, a product that is being promoted, is not popular and hence, not searched at all. All the SEO efforts will be in vain then. This is a very common mistake that online businesses end up committing.

Using titles that are not unique

This is another blunder for which eCommerce sites suffer. Duplicate titles will fail to provide unique values to the content, negating their popularity on the site and lessening the number of visitors to a large extent. However, there lies a challenge in creating unique titles.

It is quite difficult to come up with title tags that are absolutely unique when the site is selling multiple types of items from under the umbrella of the same brand. Inevitably, same keywords will be repeated time and again. However, search engines are very much aware of this phenomenon. Therefore, emphasis should be put on creating unique key phrases instead of unique keywords in these situations.

There are other errors as well. Some of them are fatal, while others are not. However, the ones discussed here are the ones that should be maintained absolutely religiously, for committing these errors will lead to the death of an eCommerce site before it is actually ‘born’.

Author Bio: Andrew Clarke is the owner of a popular company that provides services related to SEO for Ecommerce sites. He has been a senior SEO executive of a reputed company and also is an expert in this field with years of experience.