Have you Missed this 56Second Video? The Video about which I am talking about is a UK Based cherubic 1year Old Boy (Charlie) and his 3year Old Brother (Harry).

Charlie is seen sitting on Happy’s Lap on a leather chair & Harry playfully offers Charlie his other finger taking close to his Mouth & as younger childred would react, charlie bites it. You can see the Expression of pain on Harry’s Face while Charlie with a grin biting the Finger. Charlie is gigging at the Camera.

Here is the Video-

The Boys father Howard Davies Carr uploaded the Video in 2007 on youtube to share it with their godfather who where living US . Little did he Imagined that the antics of the Two Boys will go on to be the Most Viewed Video on the Youtube with over 460Million views and the Family earned an amount of $500,000.The major source of his was revenue from Youtube Ads.

As of May 21, 2012 it had over 450,000,000 views, and remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video.

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