Teacher, Student, Parents n Facebook

In a School there was a 9th Class Student named as Rahul. He usually bunk classes and goto the nearest Internet cafe everyday. Never attend class and cant score good mark in exams also. The teacher was really irritated and many times they have told Rahul to bring his parents to School but he never do so.

After the 2nd Terminal Examination when the result came out Rahul scored just the passing mark and here is the Conversation-

Teacher- You have Jut scored the Passing Mark Rahul.

Rahul- Thank God, I have Passed the Exam.

Teacher- I always ask you to Bring your Parents to the school, but you never do so. Why?

Rahul- Sir, I always forget to tell them.

Teacher- Bring your Parents to the School tomorrow, else I will upload your Marksheet in Facebook and will tag your Parents too.

Teacher, Parents, Student and Facebook
Teacher, Parents, Student and Facebook