It was 11th Match 2012 , when India’s 3rd WordCamp event held at Cuttack by Soumya Pratihari. Previously the Event was for 2days (10th & 11th March) but due to some Problem the Event was conducted for 1day (only on 11th March) .

On 11th March I , Biplab Parida , Abhisek Das and Suman Patra reached the Event which was at ABIT College, Cuttack at 9AM. Their I met Plaban Manna , Guru Sanket Biswal and many Other Bloggers.


We waited for 1hour and then Soumya Bhai with the 3 of the Speakers ( Amit Singh , Mohit Pawar and Naweed Chougle ) and after few Minutes Our 4th Speaker (Sanjib Parida )reached the Venue.

Amit Singh is the Owner of Wpoets and AmiWorks , Mohit Pawar is the CEO of New Media Consulting Group, Sanjib Parida is the CoFounder and the CTO of Muvi.com , Naweed Chougle is the owner of TechnoSpot , and Soumya Pratihari is the Owner of iDev and Techcular.com .


At 10.30Am Registration Started Tshirts, Lunch Coupons , Bag , Ticket were given to the Participants. Then Event was Enagurated by S.R Mohapatra , the former Dean of BPUT.


And then at 11.00 the Event Started with a SuperCharging Speech of Mohit Pawar who talked about “Blogging to Super Charge your Career” .

The Presentation was Awesome. I really liked the Talk. The best Part I liked in that my can drive anyone’s attention during the Speech. Things I liked during the Speech of @MohitPawar “Why use WordPress? Becuase of plugins that allow you to change things with coding.” , “Blogging is not a passive income source” , “Choose a brandable domain” , “Keywords in domain name is a THING OF THE PAST” , “There’s a lot of clutter in tech blogging as a whole” , “People won’t link to you if you don’t have a brandable domain name!” , “Looking for a job? Blog to get noticed!” , “Written words can be scaled greatly” , “I was able to boost my businesses with blogging!” , Get direct advertising, Adsense is not a good idea for a low traffic blog , “Patrick McKenzie uses blogging to boost his business” , “Doing too many things at one go turned out to be a mistake” , “Focus on one domain, let it grow, and then move on” , “It may take you time to get there….give yourself space to become successful something like 18 months.”.

While the Presentation was Going on Me , Abhisek Das , Rajinikanth (oops Plaban Manna) and Biplab Parida started tweeting live about the Event.

After an Hour the BreakFast was Served with Kurkure and Colddrinks. During the breakfast I had a great discussion about the Google Panda Effect with Sanjib Parida in which he gave me some tips regarding it.

After the Speech , Soumya Pratihari Started a Mini Question answer Session where he Started with a Question “What is the FullForm of WP” and asked many other Questions . Those who answered the Questions got a WordCamp Tshirts as a Gift.

Some other Questions was “What is the Difference between Tags and Categories” , “Who is the Creator of WordPress” , “Among the 5Speakers , which speaker was not there in the Jabalpur Wordcamp 2011” .

Then the freaky deck Presentation of Sanjib Parida Started.

Everyone liked the way he started with a Picture of some terrorist with Guns and the title was “WelCome to the Camp” . The presentaion was lasted for an Hour . The Presentation was about the SEO, its effects and how to be Different from Other Bloggers. ” Do no evil…..but make a lot of change.”, “Don’t Watch Porn in Google Chrome as Google keeps an eye on you and can catch you! ” “Why do I wish my FB “friends? I do it to prove my existence!” , “Work to Stalk You” , “How does google manages to provide the exact search information ” , “Google’s works are like those of the mafia.” , “Google Authorship is Temporary. The feature will be boomed out once Google+ becomes Popular” ,”75% Bounce Rate ? Are you just scaring your visitors through your blog ? A Good Bounce Rate should be around 40% !”, “: Gain the first movers’ benefit by identifying the newest bubbles. Today we’re in the sharing bubble.” , Don’t Replicate what Soumya Pratihari has done in his Blog Techcular. Be Different! “, “Richard Stallman & supporters compelled to give up privacy to fight the loss of privacy. This won’t work!”

Here I want to show you the Presentation of Sanjib Parida-

Then Naweed Chougle speech.

The Speech was “Why WordPress ? vibrant developer community , ready building blocks , simpler of major cms’s .”, “Qualities of Inspiring Bloggers – Power of Expression Excellent Projection of Personalities Humility”, “Naweed Chougle’s Role Model is Soumya Pratihari of iDev” .

Everyone was hungry and we started tweeting about the Lunch to Soumya Bhai during the Speech of Naweed Chougle. Then the Lunch Break.


The lunch was delicious . We had Rice, Dal, Chili Gobi, Dahi Salad , Paneer Chole curry, Pickle, Gulab Jamun,Pampad and Sweet Curd.

Just after the Lunch a Video Conferencing by Rahul Banker (thecopypasteblog.com) Speaking Live through Skype . Rahul Banker speaks on his motivation to blog. And he said Give up obsession with money while blogging.

The Video Conference was Just like – “sone pe suhaaga”

Just after that Another Video Conferencing by Jaydip Parikh(jaydip.info) ?where he talked about How to generate Content. He said “Not Content is KING but Quality Content is King now” and “Try to find opportunity for content like Controversy, Ohh forgot Rakhi Savant, focus on Content.” Here is the PPT of jaydev Parikh –

Workshop regarding WordPress by Amit Singh was started after the Two Video Conferences where he gave introduction to wp to newbie .



During the WorkShop Free Tea and Snacks was givent o the Participants. In the Workshop a Blog named as thebrokenscooter.com was focused by Everyone including Soumya Bhai. Everyone gave them tips for the design and Amit Sir, Mohit Sir, Naweed Sir and Sanjib Sir helped different bloggers by personally solving their Problems. It was Great.

The HashTag #wcctc is most trending topic for India in twitter since morning.

After the Workshop everyone was back to the conference Hall and a Introductory Video of Puneet jain was Projected on the Screen. Puneet jain gave a Brief introduction about his new Social Networking site for Bloggers named as “BlogWorkshop.org“. The Site was Launched at Wordcamp.

The 30Seconds in a Fame was started where EveryOne has to come over the Stage and has to Speak about their Blog for 30seconds. It was awesome. Atleast from that I got to know about many new bloggers.


Closing Ceremony was done at around 6PM where we came to know about the iDev team who helped us to make this Meet Successful. And a Photo session was done with all the Bloggers.Then the Cirtificate was distributed to the Participants.

Thanks to Soumya Pratihari , Amit Singh, Mohit Pawar, Sanjib Parida, Naweed Chougle , iDev Team and all Bloggers ot make this Event Sucessful. I wish we can have such a meet soon.

Thank You

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