In India the word “Fasting” is one of the most popular work done by Common People. Some People (Specially Women) fast once in a Week and some once in a Month. This is because they believe that God will bless their Family members if they will do Fasting. Some People (Spicially Men) do Fasting because believe that due to this their health will be Fit. Doctors also suggest that We must do Fasting weekly or atleast once in a Month because it help us staying Fit and Healthy.

In my Home my Sister and my mother do fasting weekly on Mondays. Because that believe that by doing such God will be happy and will bless Me and my Dad. I dont know why do thay do such Stuffs? My friend named “Fasting” as “Hunger Strike infornt of the God” . LoL

Being a Tech Blogger what is the need of writing about such a Off-Topic. The reason for which I wrote about this Topic is that “Should Bloggers do Fasting?” , “How Fasting will Effect Bloggers?” .


Blogging is a Job which need Ideas, Imagination, Creation, Patience and many Other Qualities. To write a Blog a blogger need to Think a Lot , Research About the Topic and Recreate a New Content. This sounds nothing but its very hard Job. I dont know about it but in India there must be more that 20,000 Bloggers who blogs about different topics thay are interest in.

Now coming to the Topic, Should Bloggers do Fasting? I dont think so. A blogger should not do Fasting. The reason is that Bloggers job is to Sit 24hrs infront of the Computer/Laptop and write Posts.

But if they will have Fasting then they will be unable to Think. They cannot Concentrate on a Specific Topic and will Loose Focus. And Focus about a Single topic is the Most important characteristics of a Good Blogger. This happens because they will feel Hungry. If one will be in Empty Stomach then they cannot do any Job. They cannot even Concentrate on their work. (Bloggers should ask God for other methods of Making them Happy 🙂 )

When I feel hungry in my Class I an unable to concentrate on my Studies in the classroom rather I think of what I am going to eat in Lunch or think about the best food I have ate before. I think most of us have suffered with such Situations atleast once in our Life.

So, Finally We conclude that Bloggers Should not Do Fasting .

If you are a Blogger than do comment your Reviews regaeding Blogging and Fasting. Thanks.

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