Technology has changed the way we live, we do our work and made our work easier by providing different Tools and services. Now the if there will be no technology it will be very tough to survive because we are addicted to it. But along with that it has changed the way we think, the meaning of some terms. Let me tell your about it in Details.

I have listed some differences which can show you what I want to explain.

If you ask a 20-30year old guy what comes in their mind if you sa the Term Apple then definitely the answer will be an iPhone , iPod or simply the logo of Apple Inc. and if you ask about a Black berry then a Business Class qwerty phone’s image comes to the mind, but if you as the same question to a 70year old man then he will say apple is a Fruit which is good for health or in case of Backberry the answer will be its a Fruit.

Similarly if you ask a Geek about an application then he will think about any software application. Similarly cut and paste also means different according to time. And in Case of Keyboard and Mouse its an obvious reason. And some other examples are Folder, Virus, Web and Windows. So, in my conclusion I will say that technology is changing the way we work along with that it also changes the way we think also.

Change in Meaning of Terms due to TechnologyThanks

Change in Meaning of Terms due to Technology