Now a days Scam/Spam both are the main problem in Social networks which is Increasing day to day at a higher Speed. Innocent guys click the link and have to wait forever for their recharge and it never happens.

Many of My friends have clicked on that link and also spread the news too as it says more you spread more quickly the recharge will happen.

I suggest you not to do that. Now in this Christmas this new Scam came into the Facebook.

I have listed some sites n links in the Post below which do this type of Scam.

Here I want to show you some screenshots which promises for the Payment-



Here I also want to show some posts of my friends which show about th Post-

So I suggest to all my Friends not to click on any of the Links weather it is from your Best friend also. As you click on the link it automatically spreads in your account and become viral.

Here are the lis of some links I want to give which you must not click ever-

There are hundreds of Links like this. So please be Smart and Dont believe on those cons. They will never stop- these but  you can .

Dont be Fool by Clicking on these Links ever.


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