Now a days are of us spend time over the internet by doing Facebook, Google, Twitter and lots of Social and Online Applications. If you are running a business, Website or Blog then you must be having a Fanpage or Businesspafe in popular Social Sites such as Google Plus , Facebook and even Twitter.

Now after a Lot of Effort a Directory is prepared by LatestOnNet where there is a Collection of almost all the Fanpage and Business Pages of Google Products and services on Facebook , Google Plus and Twitter. You can subscribe any of them from which you want to get Updates or Newsfeeds .

Google Directory at Google Plus

Here are the List of all the Official Google Pages in Google Plus.

  1. Android – A place for all Android fans to get ,share and all latest things on Android.
  2. Android Developers – beneficial for Android Developers to discuss the latest on Android.
  3. Blogger -The only place for latest tip,news direct from the Blogger Team.
  4. Gmail – Gives the latest news from Gmail team.
  5. Google – Latest news and all updates from Google products and much more.
  6. Google Chrome -Shares the latest updates from Chrome team and much more.
  7. Google Creative Sandbox -Creative ideas for ad agencies.
  8. Google Developers –Latest News & announcements for developers from the Google Developers team
  9. Google Earth -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth.
  10. Google in Education
  11. Google Enterprise -Google Apps and other web-based products for work.
  12. Google for Nonprofits -A place to discover, learn, and discuss the various ways nonprofits are using Google products
  13. Google Maps -Latest Google Maps news & updates from Google Map team.
  14. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  15. Google+ – Latest updates,features,tips and tricks on Google+,A real life sharing from Google Plus team.
  16. Google+ Developers -Google+ Platform news, updates, community, and more
  17. Google+ Your Business -The official page for businesses using Google+ to connect with their customers.
  18. Life at Google -Join the conversation on our job opportunities, offices, culture and life at Google.
  19. YouTube -Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.
  20. ZAGAT -Latest Restaurant news, events, and reviews from Zagat.
  21. Think with Google -Official Google+ profile of Think with Google.
  22. Google Ventures -Latest updates from Google ventures team.

Google Directory at Facebook

Here are the List of all the Official Google Pages in Faeebook.

  1. Chrome Experiments -For fans of Javascript, HTML5, and browser experiments.
  2. Earth Outreach -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth .
  3. Google -Google’s official Facebook page to get latest updates,announcements for google products.
  4. Google AdSense -Adsense updates,features for web Publishers.
  5. Google AdWords -News and tips on AdWords, Google’s online advertising program.
  6. Google Chrome -The official facebook page  for the Google Chrome browser, OS and Web Store.
  7. Google Cloud Print -Enables any app (web, mobile, desktop) on any device/OS/browser to print to any printer.
  8. Google Demo Slam -Show the world what you can do: the official Facebook page for Google Demo Slam.
  9. Google for Nonprofits -News and info on Google products for nonprofits.
  10. Google India Engineering -News from our India office[Recommended for Indian to stay connected]
  11. Google Maps -Latest Google Maps news & updates from Google Map team.
  12. Google Mobile -official facebook home for Google Mobile.
  13. Google Mobile Ads -Updates from Google Mobile Ads.
  14. Google News -Keep up to date with current news in your city, state, country, or around the world with Google News.
  15. Google SketchUp -Latest news from 3D modeling tool.
  16. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  17. Google Translate -Updates on Google’s translation tools.
  18. Google TV -Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet
  19. Google Ventures -Updates from the Google Ventures team.
  20. Google Voice -Latest news from Updates from the Google Voice team .
  21. iGoogle -Add news, games and more to the Google homepage.
  22. Life at Google -Facebook page about Googlers and  offices.
  23. Picasa -News from the Picasa and Picasa Web Albums team.
  24. Picnik -Updates from the team behind Picnik, the online photo editor.
  25. Your World in 3D -Learn how to geo-model and connect with other geo-modelers.
  26. YouTube –Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.

Google Directory at Twitter

Here are the List of all the Official Google Pages at Twitter

  1. A Google a DayA new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google.
  2. AdSense API -The official place for info & updates from the AdSense API.
  3. AdWords -The official place for info & updates from the Google Adwords Team.
  4. AdWords API – It updates the latest Developer news and updates for the AdWords API
  5. Android -Latest news,tips,tricks from Android team.
  6. Android Developers -Latest News & announcements for developers from the Android team
  7. App Engine -Updates from the Google App Engine.
  8. Blogger -Follow blogger on Twitter  to stay connected to it.
  9. Blogger in Draft -For Blogger’s experimental feature.
  10. Chromium Developers -News and announcements for developers from the Google Chrome team
  11. Closure Tools -Latest updates from the Closure Tools team for JavaScript app developers.
  12. Data Liberation -Making it easier to back up Google data.
  13. DoubleClick -Updates on DoubleClick advertiser & publisher solutions.
  14. DoubleClick for Publishers -Latest Updates from the DFP team to help you manage your online advertising business.
  15. FeedBurner -Content Distribution beyond browser ,get the latest features news etc.
  16. Gmail -News & updates from Gmail team.
  17. Google -Latest News and announcements from across the company.
  18. Google Access -latest Information regarding accessibility of Google’s products.
  19. Google AdSense -Every Adsense publisher should follow it to get latest news,features,tips from Adsense Team.
  20. Google Affiliate Network -Latest News for publishers from the Google ads network.
  21. Google Analytics -Grab latest news,tips from Google Analytics team.
  22. Google APIs -Get updates from the Google APIs.
  23. Google Apps -Latest updates from Google Apps developers/partners.
  24. Google Apps Developers -Info from Google App Developers.
  25. Google Apps Updates -Real-time updates about the latest Google Apps.
  26. Google At Work -The official Twitter home of Google Enterprise.
  27. Google Books -Latest Popular passages, images and more from the Google Books team.
  28. Google Calendar -Follow Google Calendar on Twitter.
  29. Google Chat -Updates latest Google Chat features.
  30. Google Chrome -The official Twitter home for the Google Chrome browser, OS and Web Store.
  31. Google Cloud Print -The latest news from the Google Cloud Print team.
  32. Google Code -Google developer product updates.
  33. Google Contacts -Latest Info about Google Contacts.
  34. Google Creative Sandbox -Creative ideas for ad agencies.
  35. Google Custom Search -Google Custom Search Engine Feature updates.
  36. Google Docs – Latest News, tips and tricks from the Google Docs team.
  37. Google Doodles -Dedicated to all things related to Google doodles.
  38. Google Earth -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth .
  39. Google Finance -Latest News & notes from Google Finance.
  40. Google Fusion Tables -Get latest Tweets about Fusion Tables, a cloud-based management service.
  41. Google Game Developers -Updates from the Google Game Developer.
  42. Google Global Ads -Get Trends, tips & tricks to make your AdWords campaigns global.
  43. Google Grants -Official Twitter account for the Google Grants team.
  44. Google I/O -Latest News from Google’s largest annual developer event .
  45. Google Ideas -official place for Google Ideas.
  46. Google Images -Get latest News updats from Google Images Team.
  47. Google India -Get latest news update from Google India.Every Indian should follow it to stay connected with Google india.
  48. Google Jobs -Latest Information about jobs at Google .
  49. Google Maps -News,tips from Google Maps.
  50. Google Mobile -Tips, info and updates for Google products on mobile.
  51. Google Mobile Ads -Official Google Mobile Ads & AdMob Twitter Account.
  52.  Google Mobile App -Updates,Tech issues from Google Mobile App.
  53. Google News -Latest Headlines via Google News.
  54. Google Nexus -Latest Updates,news,tips from the Nexus S, the new Android phone from Google.
  55. Google NYC -News, tips and conversations about your favorite New York City place.
  56. Google Places -Latest News, tips and conversations about your favorite places, from the Google Places team.
  57. Google Politics Team -Twitter handle of the elections and politics team at Google.
  58. Google Public Policy -Updates from Google Public Policy.
  59. Google Reader -News, tips and tricks from the Google Reader team.
  60. Google Realtime Search -Latest Updates from Google Realtime Search.
  61. Google Research -Updates on the latest research from Google.
  62. Google Science Fair -Students 13-18 from around the world are invited to enter the world’s first online global science competition.
  63. Google SF -News, tips and conversations about your favorite San Francisco place.
  64. Google SketchUp – Latest news from 3D modeling tool.
  65. Google Sky Map -Latest News from Android app for viewing the night sky.
  66. Google SMB -Latest news,tools,and tips for small to medium-sized businesses.
  67. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  68. Google Summer of Code -Student developers code for open source project.
  69. Google Talks -Latest updates from Google talks.
  70. Google Testing -Official twitter home for Google testing.
  71. Google Toolbar -Latest updates,features from Google Toolbar.
  72. Google TV -Google TV on twitter.
  73. Google TV Ads -Updates from Google TV Ads team.
  74. Google TV Developers -News and announcements for Gog developers
  75. Google Ventures -Updates from Google ventures team.
  76. Google Web Fonts -Official home for Google Web Fonts follow to get latest font announcements.
  77. Google Web Team -Updates from the Google Webmaster Team about projects, web standards, and advice for webmasters, web designers and web developers.
  78. Google Webmaster Central -Latest news updates for webmasters from Google Webmasters.
  79. iGoogle -News & notes from Google’s personalized homepag.
  80. Internet Bus -Explore the world of the Internet with Google’s Internet Bus Project (India)
  81. MyTracks -Latest Updates from Google MyTracks team.
  82. Panoramio -News & notes about the photo-sharing community.
  83. Picnik -Updates,Tweets from the photo editing team.
  84. Policy by the Numbers -Data for sound policymaking from Google and friends.
  85. Think with Google -Official account for Think with Google.
  86. Vertical: Google Auto -News for automotive advertiser.
  87. Vertical: Google Financial Services -News for financial services advertisers.
  88. Vertical: Google Media & Entertainment -News for media & entertainment advertisers.
  89. Vertical: Google Media & Entertainment, UK & Ireland -Official tweets from Media & Entertainment UK & Ireland AdWords Team.
  90. Vertical: Google Retail -Latest updates for retail advertisers .
  91. Vertical: Google Tech -News for tech advertisers.
  92. Vertical: Google Technology U.K. -News for U.K. tech advertisers.
  93. Vertical: Google Travel -News for travel advertisers.
  94. Vertical: Google Travel U.K. -News for U.K. travel advertisers.
  95. Vertical: Google U.K. Retail -News for U.K. retail advertisers.
  96. WebM Project -The latest from WebM, -an open web media project.
  97. Your World in 3D -Latest News & updates from 3D community.
  98. YouTube -Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.
  99. YouTube Dev -latest Info for Youtube Developers.
  100. YouTube India -Tweets about the world of videos, product updates, trends, insights and much more.
  101. YouTube Partners -Latest Updates & help for youtube partners.
  102. YouTube Politics -Latest Tweets,videos from Youtube politics.
  103. Zagat -Latest Restaurant news, events, and reviews from Zagat.

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