Are you using the Step-2 Verification which is now enabled in Google. The step-2 Verification is a method of making your Account more secure by giving a second step of verification of your account.

Now-a-days hacking of Gmail accounts and Facebook Accounts is a very common news. Every Week in news we here about hacking of Different news about hacking. But now a days Social Networking Companies have added this new step of security which will verify your identity through mobile although you have already verified through your Username and Password.

Google Suggest all its user to use this Step-2 Verification in order to make there account secure and to be protected from hackers.



How to Enable Step-2 Verification

Now I am going to tell you about the steps-

1. Login to your Gmail account – To Login Click Here .

2. Goto your account Settings – To Go Click here .

3. Under Security Tab Click on the Using 2-Step verification.

The verification is going to be recollected on your pc for 1 month. Additionally, you will require a landline or mobile phone to get a sms or phone call for that verification code.

Now Let Us See How Does This Step-2 Verification  of Google  Works-

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