Handheld devices – Redefining Communication

Communication has become one of the most important aspects of day to day life. Each and everyone of us are communicating. Students need to communicate with their professors whenever they face any subject related problems. Professors communicate with their students to make them aware about exam dates and project schedules. Businessmen need to communicate with their clients  to carry out day to day business effectively. People also communicate with each other due to unofficial reasons. We need to communicate with our friends and relatives. Over the years internet has come up as a very effective mode of communication. We use computers to communicate over the internet. Personal computers are not that much portable. This led to the invention of hand held devices also known as mobile computers. These devices are very easy to carry around. They have a small screen. The input mode is generally touch. Some hand held devices even have a small keyboard. Some of the popular brands that manufacture hand held computers are Samsung, Apple, Motorola, HTC and RIM.

Top 7 features of a handheld device

  • It has an operating system like any other computing device.
  • The operating system supports different application softwares. These softwares are popularly known as apps.
  • Most of the hand held devices has GPS capabilities which enable you to access advanced services like city maps.
  • It has in built bluetooth which help you exchange pictures, videos, songs and other files with other bluetooth enabled devices. It also helps you to connect with microphone headsets and control your automobile.
  • Most of them has wi-fi capabilities. This helps you to access internet where you are at a coffee shop or college.
  • Its camera enables you take snaps. These pictures can even be shared with your friends instantly. Hand held devices allows you upload your favorite pictures and videos on social networking sites.
  • Some hand held devices have advanced features like Twitter and Facebook applications that enables you keep in touch with friends on the go.

10 administrative applications of hand held computers

  • It helps you to organize your daily work routine. You can effectively manage you schedule with the help of a hand held device.
  • If you are a teacher or professor you can keep track of the progress of students.
  • The hand held devices have calculators to help you with calculations.
  • You can use the device in class or meetings to take notes.
  • Teachers and professors can also take daily attendance.
  • Businessmen can use hand held devices to track their inventory.
  • It can used as a contact book.
  • You can even access the database of your organization.
  • It can be used for recording and tabulating grades.
  • Librarians can use hand held computers to keep track of books in a library.

Top 8 uses of hand held devices in communications

  • Fax can be received or sent.
  • You can send e-mails using a hand held device.
  • Some hand held devices allows you to make phone calls and send sms.
  • You can create a presentation.
  • You can copy a file from your personal computer to the mobile computer so that you can easily access it when you are traveling.
  • You can record a meeting.
  • You can even compose a e-book on a hand held device.
  • Professors can communicate with parents about assignments, home works, exam dates and the progress report of students.

Top 9 uses of mobile computers in learning and teaching activities

  • It has applications that helps you to create diagrams.
  • You can make a spreadsheet.
  • It helps you in the formation and solution of equations.
  • You can continue your studies while traveling because it enables you to read an e-book.
  • It has a dictionary from which you can find out the meaning of new words.
  • Provides you weather information if connected to the internet.
  • You can even learn a foreign language with the help of hand held device.
  • Astrologers can use hand held devices to make predictions with help of softwares.
  • Maintain your own digital photo album.

The uses of hand held devices are not restricted to the above mentioned areas. Medical science and defense are not behind in using these mobile computers. They are going to revamp the modern day communication soon.


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