Everyday Thousands of Computers being Infected by Viruses / Malwares / Trojans even the computers have “Premium Antivirus” loaded in their computers. Previously hackers used to attack only Windows Computers but now they also target iOS and Linux too.

People think that they use Paid Premium antivirus and they are Safe and Secured but let me clear One thing that the Antivirus can Detect and remove only Known Viruses, but what about New Viruses which usually Spread virally over the Internet. Yes, my friends now even using Antivirus is also not 100% safe to your computer.

Here I want to Discuss about How Hackers Spread Viruses and Malwares over the Internet so Fast.

The Top and the Most Popular way of Spreading Viruses and Malwares are Torrents.Most of the Pirated Contents are Downloaded using Torrents as it is Fast and Easy to Find and Download. But let me confirm you that The Files which you download are not always safe. Hackers use to Attach Trojans which can hack your Computer , your Password and your Credit card details too.

So here I want to inform you that before Downloading Any Stuffs using Torrent do check the Uploader’s Previous Uploads and User Reviews. Downloaders usually Leave their review after Downloading their Stuffs. So check that.

The Other ways using which Viruses are SpreadĀ are using links which are usually shared in Facebook / Youtube or ChatRooms. If you will search Crack or any software in Youtube you will find many Links from where you can Download the Crack of that Software. I can bet you that in most of the Links you will find the Fake Links and the Stuffs which you will be provided to Download will definitely a Trojan. In Facebook and Chatrooms also such things happens when someone accidentally click on that Spam Link then it automatically Spreaded to All his Friends and it goes on. So Beware of that.

Hope you will Check What will you download from now.

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