Most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and Family. As Facebook is highly crowded it has became a Great Platform for Sellers to sell and Promote their Products. And as there are such a Huge amount of consumers and sellers, it is obvious that there will be a lot of Scammers around there.

“A Facebook Page with lots of fans is a valuable online commodity”

There are many different types of Scams which spread virally in Facebook. Some of them are Click if you Hate Cancer (They ask you to click on like if you hate Cancer) , Share-to-Donate (Where they will ask you to share some information to donate) , Share-to-Pray (same as former), Click to see what happens (actually nothing happens but they ask to do so), Click if you think he/she’s beautiful, Free gift card or voucher, See who’s viewing your profile and many other Scams.

Pages with 100,000 likes can be sold for $200, according to adverts unearthed by Pearce.

Previously in India there was a scam of Free Mobile Recharge in which if a user will click in like button then they will get free mobile recharge. Recently I saw a Page where it was written “Type the number 1 and see what happens in the picture!” and there is a Picture of “guatemala sink hole“. The picture was uploaded on  December 29, 2012 and I checked on January 27, 2013 and I saw an amazing result. The Picture for around 311,000 likes with 30,000 shares and 15,00,000 comments. I was seriously shocked.

Here is the screenshot of the Image-

heightsss of Fool FB users


“Be careful and be responsible with what content you Like and Share on Facebook, because the ramifications of those actions have unseen consequences…”

One thing you must remember that whenever you like, share or comment anywhere in Facebook, you are indirectly promoting the Picture or the Profile. Not just only your friends, Facebook too thinks that it is a Valuable information and it is spreads all over the Facebook. So be Careful Next time.


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