Positive thinking is a well-known concept and it benefits have been proven through a range of studies. It increases confidence, reduces the risk of developing stress-related conditions such as depression and improves your mood.

Positive thinking can be defined in several ways, including general optimism and positive visualization. The effectiveness of this process is based on actively changing your thoughts and making the conscious choice to become more positive.

Make Positive Affirmations

Begin each day with positive declarations. The way you start your mornings determines how the days will be. Starting your day with a negative attitude will make you feel like nothing good will happen and your pessimistic views will affect other events or experiences along the way.

Rather than allowing pessimism to take over your emotions, start your morning with a positive declaration that is based on what you want to accomplish. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much better the day turns out to be.

Focus on Benefits

Challenges and obstacles are normal aspects of life and when you encounter them, you should focus on any underlying benefits. Regardless of how insignificant or small these benefits they may be, focusing on them will make it easier for you to handle the situation. If your favorite food is not available, consider the prospect of trying out a new dish. If you arrive early for an interview and the recruitment manager seems to be taking forever to arrive, use the extra time to prepare.

Look at the Brighter Side of Life

The power of positive thinking enables you to develop the ability to find humor in difficult situations. Keep reminding yourself that no matter how hard or bad a situation may be, it will eventually end and you may even be able to laugh about it in the future. Always look at the bright side of the things you experience in life.

Learn from Mistakes

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes or fails at some point in their lives. Rather than paying attention to failure and what you did wrong, focus on how you will handle the situation nest time and learn from your mistakes.

Take Control of your Thoughts

Negative thoughts can sneak into your mind and you may not notice that what you are thinking about is actually being internalized. While thinking about how poorly you managed a project, for example, this thought is reinforced as a perception of who you are.

When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop and fill your mind with positive messages that will combat the negative ones. Instead of thinking of how you failed, tell yourself that you will practice more or take the steps you need to improve your performance.

Enjoy the Moment

People are often encouraged to live in the moment and this simply means focusing on the present. This enables you to prevent momentary challenges from dominating your whole day. An argument that occurred or a hurtful comment that was made a while ago should not interfere with your ability to enjoy life. Most situations are not as bad as they appear to be. Enjoying the current moment means that you will not be distracted by worrisome thoughts regarding recent or possible future events.


Hannah Royce is a freelance editor and writer. She has been involved in a variety of media research and consultation projects. During her free time she likes to go shopping and watch her favorite shows. Visit the site to find out more about the power of positive thinking.