There are Different Hosting Provides which provides different Hosting services such as VPS, dedicated , shared and other Hosting Packages. Many provides use the term “Unlimited bandwidth” in their Plans and mostly in Shared hosting we see plans which has “Unlimited Space” to store the data.


“There is Nothing termed as Unlimited in the Internet, there is a Max Limit of Everything”

On Internet Millions of Computer are connected by the internet and the connection of different users vary according to their services. Connection can be large or small which vary according to the Cable Service Provider.

[box type=”warning”] Million Dollar Question – Is Concept of “Unlimited Bandwidth / Unlimited Space” is Real?[/box]

When we look according the Marketing Strategy of Hosting Providers it is real. But there is nothing link unlimited Bandwidth , it is always limited by the data cable operator of Internet Service providers or Network Cards.

In the Hosting world virtualized server concept is used which is mostly used in VPS hosting services. The Unlimited Bandwidth Concept comes in reality because most of the Websites dont take much bandwidth as it contains mostly HTML files which dont take much Space, even images also dont take much space which can be easily handled by the Servers.

Hosting providers know that only few websites take more bandwidth and rest take less bandwidth which depends on the number of times the site has been visited.

Same is in the Case of “Unlimited Space”, most of the website contains HTML files and images and small files which consumes a less memory and it helps the Hosting Provider to show that they provide unlimited Space.

[box] NoteDont Choose your Hosting Provider according to the Bandwidth or Space they provide, rather from the Uptime they provide, their Reputaion in the Market, their Security Policies and the most important the Tech Support Teams response.[/box]

Dont bother about the Unlimited Space , Unlimited Bandwidth , addon Domains which they provide, because it is available in most of the Providers. Always remember to check the items which I have listed above.

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