In India Bollywood Gossips is one of the Most Trending Topic ever. Everytime I log into Facebook or Twitter I usually see Pics of Bollywood Actors, Movie Posters, Memes etc. All the Bollywood Stars have their Facebook Fanpages and Twitter Accounts too. So recently I did an analysis of many Top Bollywood Actors by calculating their number of Fans in Facebook and Followers in Twitter. Many have expected some Actors to be in Top but the result was really amazing. I was really shocked after seeing the real result.

Note, The data was collected at 5PM on 15th November 2012. So the Values can change with time.

In Twitter the Highest Number of Fan Followers are of Amitabh Bachchan with 38,60,208+ Followers followed by Shah Rukh Khan with 31,17,921+ Fan Followers. And in Facebook the highest number of Fans were of Salman Khan with 69,34,496+ Fans followed by Aamir Khan with 57,62,425+ Fans. I collected the data of the Official Fanpage of the Stars from Twitter and Facebook only. The Highest number of Fans were of Salman Khan with Some around 99,02,911+ Fans followed by Aamir Khan with 87,56,336+ Fans. Amitabh Bachchan stood in the 3rd with 70,68,969+ Fans and Priyanka Chopra has around 65,05,345+ Fans. Unfortunatelly Shah Rukh Khan came in the 5th Position with 62,15,785+ Followers , Hrithik Roshan with 53,58,090+ and Abhishek Bachchan with 49,96,704+ Fans. Askhay Kumar comes next with 49,54,186+ Fans , Deepika Padukone with 37,09,902+Fans and Shahid Kapoor is in the 10th Position with about 29,72,616+ Fans .


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