Tricks to Reveal the Secret Camera from Hotels

Now a days a lots of topics regarding the Security of Women are heard and read in different media. Its actually a Serious issue about Women security. So here is an article related the Security of Women and also men. Last time I wrote an article about “How to detect hidden camera and 2 way Mirror in Trial Rooms?” and I really got a good response from readers.

When you travel for a Picnic or visit some different place, you stay at hotels or Guest houses. Recently I saw a news report where Pin Hole camera was found inside the Flower vase of a Hotel Room. This may also happen with you. So here is a method in which you can detect any hidden Camera from the Room.


  • When you enter the Room turn off all the Lights and close all the Curtains so that the room will be dark.
  • You must be having a Smart Phone with working camera. Just turn it on and turn off the Flash Light.
  • Turn around inside the Room with you Mobile.
  • If you find a Red dot in your Mobile Phone camera it means there is a Hidden Camera on that location.
  • If you didnt found any Red dot it means its OK.

Share this idea with your Friends, Sister, Daughter, Mother and other Women and men.