We dont think about Our Death because that is the End of Life and no one of us what Happens after that. So we do different Insurance Policies and plan for the Future Generations. This makes a Secure Future.

Now things are being Online and most of us keep out Digital Stuffs online as its More Secure and Accessible. But what happen to your Data after you Die? You will never want any unknown person to access to those Data and Information or sometimes even known one. So whats the Solution for this?

Inactive Account Manager Google

Google have a Feature known as Inactive Account Manager. You can find this in the account Manager setting Page. You have to tell them what to do with your Gmail Messages and all other stuffs linked with Google. You have to tell whether to Delete or Transfer them.

You can choose an time for Inactivity such as 3months, 6months of Inactivity. You can set to Delete all your Data or to send all those Data to your Known Contact after the desired time of your Inactivity. You can choose few or all services such as +1s, Blogger, contacts and Circles, Drive, Gmail, G+ Profile, Pages, Picasa, Voice and Youtube. Before sending or deleting these Services it will send a Warning SMS to Mobile and Mail to the secondary Email address.

I have already used this Service and Hope you will do so.