Now a Days Facebook , Google and other Websites are allowing a Two Step Verification for the users for more security of their account.
Two Step Verification (also known as Two-Factor Authentication) is a new Security Method which needs two different ways to give your identity. It means you have to pass through two verification to login into your account.

We always use a Username and Password to Login into any account. This is known as One-Factor Authentication method. This can be hacked easily by the hackers. But by using 2-Step Verification it adds another level of Security to your account which becomes more Difficult for the Hackers to hack it.

Presently the 2 Factor Authentication exist in our day to day life. Some examples are while using ATM Card we requre both the Card and the Pin, while visiting foreign country we need passport and Biometric Data. Same is the case here. Here also we need two Factors to Authenticate.

Here is a Video Which Explains 2Step Verification (Two Factor Authentication) in Gmail-

If anyone hack your Facebook or Gmail account then have you imagined that what type of Data about they can get? Then can know your other Account Details, your Address, alternate email address, personal mails, your birthday details, contacts, friends and family details, documents, images, credit card details, etc etc and all. This i because now a days most of the Online accounts are interlinked. You can interlink your Facebook , Twitter, Gmail, DropBox, OutLook, shopping accounts, gaming and payment accounts and all of your accounts. Once any of your account is hacked then all the interlinked accounts can also be hacked.

Now a Days few Online Applications provide Two Step Verification for free. They are Facebook , Google , Yahoo, Dropbox (as on 12 Sept 2012) . You can also use Two Step Authentication in your WordPress Account too.

If you have expirienced Two Step Verification then share your Expirience.


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