Preserving the roof life is the goal of any roof restoration service because it is the only way to ensure that the roof remains weatherproof and safe for use.  Since roof replacement is the last option because of the huge work involved and high cost, any roof expert would focus on roof maintenance and roof restoration services that comprise of cleaning and repairing roof as well as re-coating if necessary to make it look attractive.  The restoration service is applicable for all kinds of roof, shingles, slate, tile, and metal as well as concrete roofs.

The importance of roof is so much in protecting the dwellers and their possessions from the elements of nature that you could not care less for it. However, it is always better to stay prepared for spending towards roof restoration services that cannot wait. Having some idea about the cost of roof repairing and maintenance will help to create a budget and arrange for funds so that you are always ready to attend to any roof repair needs on priority. Click on the click here button on the website of roof repairing companies to know more.

Roof restoration cost

You have to consider many factors when working out roof restoration cost that varies according to the place.  Moreover, the size of the roof is the most important contributor to cost. In order to maintain parity in cost between different contractors, when all conditions are the same, the norm is to quote rates on the basis of the unit area such as square meters. Larger is the roof area lower is the unit rate. The ballpark cost for small and medium size roof can vary between $22 and $30 per square meter, and larger sizes would cost $17 to $22 per square meter. Be ready to spend anything between $2,000 and $4,000 for roof restoration.

Roof repair cost

The hourly labor rate for roof repairing can vary between $40and $90. The price window is very large because it has to take care of different roofing material, the nature of damage and repair required and the difficulty level in reaching the spot on the roof. The same rate, when converted on the basis of the area, would be $28 to $38 per square meter.

Roof cleaning charges

This should cost the least but helps a lot to improve the looks as well as roof health. Metal and concrete roof cleaning services @ $1.70 per square meter are usually the rate charged by standard roof contractors, and it goes up to $4 for a terracotta tile roof.

Roof replacement cost

Roof replacement cost varies according to the roof material and the quality of workmanship.  Whether you take ‘overlay’ approach or ‘tear off’ approach influences the pricing, but for having some idea, you can bank upon price ranging from $80 per square meter to $110 per square meter. Complete replacement or partial replacement of roof material affects the price.

An easier way of judging the price is to look around your neighborhood to find similar repairing done by others that give a more accurate picture of the cost.