Another Giveaway has been started on RIGHTyaLEFT, Currently a Giveaway is running. This time TONEC has Sponsored 5 License of Internet Download Manager to Top 5 Winners.

This time the Contest is bit different. Not like usual Giveaway. This time you have to work a bit in order to Win.

RIGHTyaLEFT has a Forum named as There are lots of active users in the page with lots of Questions and Answers related to Technology. You can ask Question and add answers in the Forum to earn points.

In the RIGHT Side Bar in the Last, there is a BOX which says Most active Members this month which Holds 5 names. The more you will be active the more point you will gain. You can check anytime from here.

THE CONTEST WILL END IN 14th September 2013

All you need is to ASK questions related to Technology, ANSWER question asked by other users, Vote Best Questions and Answers. The more you be active, the more point you earn.

Here is a Guide which will help you to join ASK- HOW TO JOIN ASK

After the End of the Contest, the Top 5 Active users will get a License of Internet Download Manager.

All the BEST.