Are you a stay at home mother who loves to make art and craft works? Then it is likely, that you would have felt the urgent need for a non-sticky adhesive that can work on different types of materials. Glue dots are just the thing that you were looking for. These little marvels can stick just about anything and won’t stick to your hands. In this article, you will learn about glue dots and why they are so vital for making art and craft works at home.

What are glue dots?

Typically, glue dots will be consisting of an adhesive substance that is semi-solid in nature. In general, they will not be sticky. However, if there is a pressure which is applied to them from either or both the sides, then they will stick. Glue dots will be non-toxic in nature. They can be used for sticking a variety of things. These are amazing for creating art and craft works at home. They are wonderful for mothers who love to do craft works by hand at home.

How do glue dots function?

Glue dots have only adhesives in them. They will exist in a lot of different shapes and various sizes. However, glue dots cannot get used alone, all by themselves. You must use glue dots in certain batches or groups. The main reason for this is that glue dots are extremely small in their size. In general, the glue dots would be about half an inch in their diameter. Glue dots are typically round in their shape. But, you can find them existing in other shapes also.

How are glue dots commercially available?

You will be able to get glue dots in the market in a variety of four different and variable strengths. The strengths of glue dots would generally vary, and it will depend on the type of the bond that is being formed. The different strengths can be either of these: low track, then medium track, followed by the high track and finally, the super high track. You can also divide the dots on the basis of the type of their profiles. The different profiles would each be used for a number of different purposes.

Using the glue dots

You can use the glue dots to make a variety of different substances. You can use them for making a wide range of craft works. The reason for this is simply that substances like plastic, glass posters or small pieces of glass, wall hangings, wood and other types of common materials found in your house, can get easily stuck with glue dots. You can also use glue dots to do commercial activities. For instances, they can be used extensively for fixing furniture and different types of articles which have been made of glass.

Specifying your glue dots

You should be careful of the type of glue dot that you choose. These dots will have to be used by primarily considering the strength that you would require. For instance, if you are using things that are light in their weight, then you can use glue dots of low strength. But if you are trying to stick any substance which is heavy and has greater weight, then it is vital that you use more glue dots and with more strength. By doing this, you will be able to let the weight and balance of your substances to get adequately supported.

You must be careful, that when you are applying the glue dots, you have to ensure that the number of dots gets distributed in an even manner. If you require more strength, you would have to ensure that you place your dots at the central most part of the substance. You will find a whole lot of advantages when you use these dots. Not only are glue dots quite easy to use, but they are also more convenient and simpler to handle when compared with other wet adhesives.

You can find glue dotsĀ of different shapes and sizes available on the internet at quite attractive prices. You can find them in different categories and strength and uses also.


One of the essential pieces of equipment that are required for doing craft works at home is the glue dot. These glue dots are amazing for their versatility. They make sticking different substances together so easy. You can find different varieties of glue dots available, based on their shapes, sizes, and strengths. It is of vital importance that you choose the right kind of glue dot for your project. You can make amazing homemade gifts with these glue dots. They are safe to be used by kids also as they are not toxic. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.