Movie Niche Blogging is One of the Evergreen, most Creative types where there is a wide variety of content but one has to be so Creative In order to create awesome content that can drive traffic. There are lots of Movie blogs and most of the time they trend over the Internet for some instance.

This is a Sub post of a Series- BLOGGING IDEAS

If you have planned to Create a Movie blog or if you have created a Movie Blog and you have drawn a Blank on your Mind then this List can add some Colors to your Brain to Find topics to Write on.

N.B- This list will be updated regularly, so check often to Find the latest Ideas to Write on.

You can choose any Topic and can Write on it. The list below is collected to add value to Your Blog. After writing such Posts you can increase your Readership and your Readers will return to your Blog to Read more from your Blog.

Before going through the List lemme tell your Something, Don’t think that you have a Blog that contains Topics that are repeated Million times a day rather think of it as your Personal Blog where you write your Opinion and you have all the Rights to Express your Stuff there. Movie Lovers will be Excited to know about it. Here is the List of some Evergreen ideas for the Movie Blogging Niche.

Movie Blog Topic Ideas

  1.  Top 10 _______ Movie (Add any word here such as Horror, Action, Dramatic, Family, Inspirational movie)
  2. Movies which a ________ must watch ( Add words like Student, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Working Woman)
  3. Movies that a Foreigner must watch to know about ______ (Add your Country name such as India)
  4. Movies exactly Copied from ______ to ______ (Add Tollywood to Bollywood, Hollywood to Bollywood, etc)
  5. Compare Movies with the same theme and released in the Same Year.
  6. List of Movies that are Remakes of an Old Movie.
  7. Biggest mistake of ______ Movie. (Write about Mistakes with Screenshots of the Movie).
  8. Replacing Movie names with ________ ( any Stupid word such as Khatie pe ). You can see Twitter Trends for this.
  9. Make polls by listing all the Movie of an Actor (It will increase User Engagement)
  10. Make a Controversial post about Top Two/Three Stars (such as Shah Rukh khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan)
  11. Top 10 Flop movies of the Year.
  12. Behind the Scenes / Making of Movie or a Song.
  13. Why ________ Song became Viral as it Launched (Make it descriptive so that user will like to share it)
  14. Top movies I live to Tell about (being the Author, your Readers will live to know about your Interest also but do this after your Blog become Popular.)
  15. ______ Superheros other than ________ (such as Indian superheros other than Krish and Saktiman)
  16. The reason behind _____ Movie’s Fail- How it can be a Hit Again (Write about any Flop movie which was expected as a Hit before release)
  17. An Openletter to __________ for _________ Movie (Write about any Movie director name and his Hit / Flop movie and go on)
  18. Life Lessons from _______ Movie all _____ should learn (Example 10 Life lessons from Star Wars All kids Should Learn)
  19. Economics of ______ Movie (Write about how the money of any High Budget movie is Spent)
  20. Top Common Sense Money saving Tips for Movie Fans.
  21. Strange Facts about _____ Movie you dont know about (Facts about any Upcoming movie which you think will be a Hit).
  22. Superhit Movies from not so hit Novels
  23. Movies with Similar Posters
  24. Movies with No Actress (Ex- Dhamaal) , No Songs (Ex- A Webnesday)
  25. “Dont Watch with your Parents” Movies.
  26. List of Top Action Actress
  27. Best Dialogues of _____ Movie (Any movie name)
  28. Best Dialogues of _________ . (Any Actor Name)
  29. Movies Based on Real Life story.
  30. Review of any latest Movie (Write the review of you watch it on the First day , else you review will be old)


Read Other Top Blogs to generate Ideas. Link IMDB to your Blog posts so that Readers can get Trusted Information about a Movie without leaving your Page.

Never Write about Upcoming Movies as after Few weeks that Post will be Outdated. If you want to Write then change the permalink with the Movie name and Update your content regularly in the Same Page.

Write Original Content. Original Content doesnt mean that write in your own words, rather it means that write about any Movie after Watching it, not by reading other Blog. It will help your Expressing your own Thoughts.

Keep Blogging.