This Post is for those of my Friends who want to make Real Money Online. Before this I suggest to Start a Blog in order to make their Own Brand Online so that they can create their Own Affiliate Sites, Sell stuffs on Ebay and make Money easily. It takes a lot of Time and Effort to make a Brand in the Online Market. But now I came to know some methods using which you can make a Lot of Real Money Online.


Here is the Lazy Man’s Guide to Make Real Money within Less Time . You can make Hundreds of Dollars monthly but it Wont Make you Rich. If you have a better Luch then you can make as much moey as you can.

You Will get paid for Each Cool Domain you suggest. All you need is to Login into the Site and search for the orders that describe what type of Domain the Client wants and you have to search for a Cool Domain for that and Submit it if its Available . If the Clients deciedes to register the Domain then you will get paid from $25 (Rs-1250) upto $50 (Rs- 2500) depending on the Order Type. If you have your Won Blog then PickyDomains will offer you $30 to any blogger who decides to give a Review of the Services which are Provided by them.


This Service Owned by Google few Months Ago where you can make some money. Its Just Like Yahoo Answers, but you will get paid for helping People. They will pay about $10 but you have to do a lot of work or assignments.

This is a wide Spread service which is used by many people. `You must have Accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites. Microworkers `you can get $0.01(Rs- 0.50) to $1.00(Rs-50) to do some work such as Liking a Facebook Page, Voting in Youtube Videos ot becomming a Follower in Twitter or you will get a Work to Join any Facebook Commuity.

You will get Paid for Uploading Photos. It is a very Popular Site as its a Photobank, where bloggers go for original Images. They pay isn’t outrageous usually $5 to $20 for a photo, but you have already taken those images. Its a better earning site if PhotoGraphy is your Hobby.
I think now you must not sit Dumb and do Facebook always, rather you should do one of these.


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