Now a days most of the Laptop comes with built-in camera and we dont use it only when we Skype or do any video chat. But do you know that you can make Money using your Webcam. You cannot imagine also how easy to do that and if you are a Student or Housewife who get lots of free time can easily utilize their time making money using Webcams.

Tutorial Videos-

If you are Expert or even Good at something then make some Video Tutorials explaining them or making ‘how to’ videos. Some are making 30 minute Video Lectures and upload them on Youtube and can make money from them. If you will plan for making it pro then you can set a Website and share your Videos their. You can combine your Videos with Ads and can show the videos for free.

Review Videos-

If you can find a Gadget Store or any Brand Store near your Home then you can get new gadgets and can provide a Genuine Review of the gadgets. Video reviews are more prospective because no one will want to read reviews by watching s Still Image. So if you want a Large Audience then youtube is the best place for it. You can choose a Hosting and Add your videos along with text review so that Google can know about it.

Personality Videos-

Personality videos are most popular Videos over Youtube. There are video series related to Personality Development and lots of people also follow them. Because Along with Content Personality is also Important. Your Audience will come back again to listen what new you have created.

Live Online Tutorials-

You can Teach or can give Live tutorials in real time to views. You do not need to record n upload on youtube. Rather you will use softwares like or WebCam Tutors to avail this facility. In order to do this you need to be intelligent about the subject about which you will teach. If you are employed by any online tutorial service then they will pay you per hour , else you can setup your own service.
Finally Dont Expect to become rich overnight. Both webcams and Internet are Cheap. You have yto work hard for sometime in order to make some money. Then you can make few hundred dollars after some days.