Every year we make resolutions for the New Year and end up breaking the. Resolutions are meant to be broken. But sticking to the New Year resolutions can make the coming year more pleasant and hassle free. To make the year pass in a flow we need to make resolutions and keep them so that we can progress to live a more relaxed and peaceful life and rectify the mistakes done in past years.


Every year we waste so much money which would otherwise be spent on something productive. Saving money and spending wisely require careful planning. 2013 is approaching and we can make some resolutions to save and spend money in an appropriate way without wasting much. Here are some of the money saving resolutions which you too can make to mange finances in year 2013 in a better way.

End club/magazine subscriptions

Analyze the list of subscriptions you have made in the past years. There will be a lot of club or magazine memberships which costs a portion of your expenditure and you do not really visit those clubs nor read any magazines. End all of those unnecessary subscriptions and do not waste money on buying lottery tickets.

Start saving

Analyze your spending habits and decide a amount which you will keep aside every month. Buy a money box and do not open it till the next year. Keep adding coins, change and money every month and by the end of the year, you will have money to buy your favorite phone, clothes, or anything desirable.


Pay off mortgages’ money earlier

Start paying off the mortgage money earlier. By paying ahead of time, you will save reasonable interest amount. By paying quickly, you will be able to free yourself from mortgage bills and can spend the money on other productive areas. Start paying extra hundred dollar with each installment to save the money which would otherwise be wasted on interest rate.

Use credit cards cautiously

The most effective way to eliminate financial issues in 2013 is to use the credit cards wisely. Pay the credit card bills on time without any delay because delayed payments come with penalties and you have to pay extra money. Paying bills on time save you from penalties. Shift from credit cards with greater interest rate to cards with minimum interests. Do not over spend when using credit cards as you have to pay for them later.

Pay bills on time

Pay all the utility bills on time as bills paid after due dates costs more because of fines. Pay your subscription fees if any and pay full bills instead of installments.

Retirement savings

Pay as much as you can for the retirement savings account. Open up or register for a retirement savings account to save money for old age. Retirement savings are a great investment as they make your future life secure.

Carefully observe and cut down extra expenses

Instead of dining out, prefer to eat at home. You can bring food to office, school or college and save the money spent on buying junk food from the tuck shops. Travel via bus or train to save gas/oil expenses.

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