Business owners have already come to realize the power of using Facebook as a great marketing tool. The company gains followers by creating a page that encourages interaction with existing customers and in gain new ones in the process. However, it takes work and a good strategy to make a Facebook page work. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Create Interest Lists

Facebook’s Interest List can help a business filter the content they get from other brands and their customers, being able to keep track of trends and rivals. Create different lists of friends or family that have similar interests with you, as well as creating lists that will be for business reasons.

Get fans involved with relevant content

Any brand has the power to be personified with their Facebook page which means that the moderator of the page has to be very careful about coming off as a spammer. Post content that is meant to engage your customers and get the word around. By accumulating comments, shares, or uploaded content to your page, your EdgeRank score goes up, enabling your page to be more visible to potential customers by way of your fans. Posts that encourage interaction are usually effective when made creative or fun, compelling the people who see them to share. They are supposed to be both informative and entertaining to get the best reaction. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page was used as an avenue to promote its Flipped Out ice cream by allowing fans to flip text they type.

Marketing on Facebook, sales through e-mail

The point of Facebook is marketing and is not a channel for outright sales. Once you have a solid Facebook page, you can now use another form of marketing: e-mail. You can take a look at your biggest fans and e-mail them for sales opportunities while creating a relationship in the process. Make sure the content you send via e-mail is just as appealing as the content on your Facebook page to make sure that your message has a chance of being read and not relegated to the Trash folder.

Turn fans into paying customers

Once you see the number of people “talking about” your page has reached a satisfactory one, you may now take measures for next steps outside of Facebook. You may provide interested buyers with a post that does more than invite them to share or like, but entices them to visit a link beyond Facebook. You may lead them to your website or if you would like, you may keep them within the confines of Facebook by using an app. Convincing them to click a link requires trust and by directing them to a website that is just as cleverly made as the page you have on Facebook, you have a higher chance of converting those interested individuals into paying customers.


Author’s Bio: Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters. Follow me on Twitter and join me in Google +

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