10 Facts About Black Friday You Might Not Know

Gaining in popularity every year, Black Friday is a date that everyone has on their calendar as a day where they can grab themselves a bargain. Formally just an American event, the day has now spread to include many other countries across the world. You don’t have to hit the streets in order to get yourself a deal, you are also able to shop online and get the goods delivered straight to your front door, often with free delivery!

Love.shooping.fm reveals that Black Friday 2017 is likely to be a lot bigger and busier than that of 2016, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down! More and more shops are willing to get involved with the biggest one day sale events of the year. Take a look below at 10 facts that you might not know about Black Friday, and then head out to grab yourself a bargain!


  • Black Friday used to refer to something negative. It was used to describe a financial crises back in 1866, the collapse of the UD gold market. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that retailers decided to reinvent the day into to a day where shops make a profit.
  • In 2016, $1.2 billion was spent on Black Friday via mobile device in 2016, that was in increase of 33% from 2015, showing that Black Friday is getting ever more possible. This was the first day to generate more than a billion dollars in online sales from a mobile device.
  • On Black Friday, the most discounted category is travel with around 60% off, followed closely by office supplies, computer and electronics, clothing and then gifts.
  • When Black Friday comes around, many people prefer to shop online rather than head out and face the crowds. The most popular online store that people visit is Amazon, with over 7.95 million people visiting the site back in 2016. Other popular stores include Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Apple.
  • This year, it is predicted that people will spend on average $295.33 on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • On Black Friday this year, 53% of women are planning to spend some money and 58.4% of men are planning on spending money.
  • A crazy fact about Black Friday is that more people will actually die while shopping during Black Friday than in shark attack! So far there have been 10 deaths and 105 injuries due to the day.
  • Black Friday doesn’t just apply to the day directly, but most retailers stretch the sale over the entire weekend, and in some cases over multiple weeks. In 2016 for examples, the online retailer of Amazon offered over 35 days of Black Friday shopping.
  • People may think that they are getting a great deal on Black Friday, but this actually is not always the case. 14% of products will have their prices on Black Friday similar to their normal in-store prices.
  • Last year, Black Friday was visited by almost as many people as the last U.S. presidential election.