After you have sustained an injury on your job, it is usual to talk with your family, friends, and of course a lawyer. You need a word with a legal professional to discuss your workers’ compensation claim. When you talk to individuals, who have zero knowledge about workplace accidents or injuries and the subsequent compensation process; these people may misinform you. They might not do so deliberately but they believe the many misconceptions surrounding on-the-job injuries.

According to an article published on, once your injury claim is accepted, you receive your claim. Here are three myths about workers’ compensation busted:

  1. Small businesses need not entertain your injury claim

It is one of the greatest lies surrounding workers’ compensation. No matter whether you work for a big company or a small firm, your employer is bound to provide compensation for the injuries sustained on-the-job. Then, you must have all medical documents to support your claim. Therefore, the size of an organization is not relevant.

A small business having 20 employees must provide a claim just as an employer with 1,000 staff. The only exceptions are in the case of independent contractors or contractual employees, who aren’t employed to improve the usual business of an organization.

  1. Not allowed to consult your doctor for treatment post-injury

Your employer will ask you to see their appointed doctor for a one-time medical examination. Besides this, you are free to consult your doctor for medical evaluation. The treatment offered is important and practical. However, a few employers who have contracted medical professionals may ask you to undergo treatment under them. If you have more questions about it, you can have a word with any Brooklyn NYC workers compensation attorney near you.

3 No benefits if your claim is refused

Your workers’ compensation claim may be rejected, but that does not mean you cannot receive the benefits. In case, your claim is denied, you have the liberty and right to appeal to challenge that decision. Make sure you file a request for hearing within a period of 3 months from the date of claim rejection.

Even when your appeal is refused, you would still receive workers’ compensation benefits. You can always file for an evaluation of the appeal that needs completion within 30 days. If the decision is sustained, you have the right to appeal for your claim in a court of law. These little details and information matter a lot when it comes to appealing for your claim. Therefore, keep yourself updated.

You would see your employer’s lawyer and insurer and therefore, should appoint a compensation attorney to fight your case. An experienced medical professional has the knowledge and expertise to establish the severity of your injuries, loss of wages, and physical limitation. Your lawyer will help you receive the benefits you claim due to your workplace injury.


Now that these myths busted, you can separate fact from fiction. Make an informed decision and receive your compensation benefits. Consult with an attorney and ask questions to clear your doubts.