Life is short. That is why you need to make the most of every opportunity. Otherwise, you will be forced to look back in regret. One of the best ways for you to push yourself, is by establishing ambitious targets. This will provide you with something to work towards and will increase your chances of reaching your goals. If you are searching for inspiration, you will need to read on. Below are five extreme targets that you should set yourself.

Go far

Why not begin your list of targets with the goal of completing a road trip? This is a great opportunity for you to see how far you can go…literally! You could explore a number of different routes and lookout for the most exciting challenge. If you are going to complete an impressive journey, you will need to have a ride to be proud of. Why not treat yourself to a new motorcycle? You can find Kawasaki bikes online, at extremely affordable prices. This bike could be the trusted companion to help you reach your target.

Go high

Are you ready to scale great heights? If so, you should look into a mountain climbing expedition. This is a fantastic way for you to push your body to the limit. You will need to train beforehand and should think about putting together a suitable team. Try to find people who are unlikely to give up and will help you to stay motivated throughout the process. Although it is important to be ambitious, you should also be realistic when selecting the mountain that you would like to climb.

Go fast

If you love the idea of racing around a track, you should consider signing up for a sports car experience. This is the perfect opportunity for you to go as fast as possible. Don’t be fooled, this activity involves a lot of skill. It might take you a few goes before you reach the speed that you are aiming for, but all of your efforts are bound to pay off.

Go deep

If you love to spend time in the water, you should try your luck at scuba diving. This is the ideal activity for anyone who wants to explore the earth’s beautiful oceans. Regardless of your skill level, you should still be setting yourself targets. Why not try out for a scuba certificate that allows you to journey deeper under water? You could even work towards a qualification that will allow you to teach other enthusiasts.

Go explore

When you are completing all of these incredible activities, you should try to visit new destinations. This will give you the chance to create memories that are sure to last a lifetime. It will also be the perfect opportunity for you to explore the world around you. Why not create a list of thirty countries that you would like to visit? Then, find one extreme activity that you would like to try in each place.