Tutoring is one formidable career or profession that proves to be rewarding if done right. If you live in Singapore, one of Asia’s cosmopolitan cities, you will realize that there is quite a huge demand for math tutors and you will be tempted to send in your application to a tutoring agency.

However, even with the right documentation, you should keep some questions in mind to know if you will be in a position to offer excellent services to the agency and the kids. It is disappointing to hire a tutor, then have them leave work at the most crucial time in the child’s life. You should always keep the following factors in mind before pursuing the career:

  1. Your schedule

If you have a full time job or if your semester is in full gear, then you may consider taking up tutoring slots open when you are free. Since most tutors have other jobs, it is understandable if you are unable to work every day. Your schedule will help you to schedule tuition classes at your most convenient time.

  1. The pay

Even though the pay for private home tuition is considerably high, if you are working part-time and you are required to commute or drive some distance to the student’s home, ensure that the pay can cover the expenses and leave some extra money. A cost benefit analysis should be done ensuring that the amount earned monthly makes sense. You should consider taking up jobs within your locality to cut down some expenses.

  1. Does your personality make your work better?

Most tutors don’t earn as much as perceived, but they continue working because of the connections and bonds they create with the children they work with. A warm personality easy to engage others and the students is necessary when the pay isn’t enough. You should also be passionate about the job to enjoy it at all times, even when the finances are insufficient.

  1. Your personal life

Besides your day job or school, you should consider your personal life and how it will be affected once you take on the tutoring job. Most tutors work part-time and these hours are usually after-work hours. If you are married or in a relationship, this may affect things when schools are open. You should also consider your social life and the fact that this will be lost once you start tutoring.

  1. Your proficiency

Are you good at math? Can you effectively teach a kid in junior classes or higher levels professionally? Do you have what it takes? Mathematics is a highly competitive subject and every parent looking for tuition services for their child will want the best person to tutor their child ensuring that they not only get an, A but that they also gain the critical analysis and thinking skills in other situations.


In conclusion, a career as a math tutor requires dedication, love for the job, hard work, deeper understanding of the subject, and communication skills. Once you are sure that you are good with the factors listed above, then you can easily go ahead and pursue the career part-time or full-time.


Author Bio

Alex Rogers is a renowned private tutor in Singapore. His experience in home tuition through the years has made him one of the best and he now runs his own tutor agency. Visit his profile for more details.