Humans have a basic need to be loved, which is why most people spend their time looking for the partner of their dreams. We waste countless hours scrolling through internet dating profiles, swiping left or right and going on dates, all with the express intention of finding the one person who is our other half. Often it doesn’t work out, or the person we fall for turns out to be bad for us.

People use all kids of checklists when looking for a life partner. They might want a caring person, or a family oriented person. Looks matter to some people more than others, as does financial status and personal values. But what about occupation – how important is that when you assess the viability of a potential partner?

The good news is that if you happen to be dating a nurse, your relationship could well turn out to be very successful, the reason being that nurses make excellent life partners – and here’s why.

Nurses Care

Nursing is a caring profession. Good nurses genuinely care about people. They are very empathetic, so when you hurt, they hurt. They can also spot the difference between a genuinely sick person and a malingerer, so if you are prone to pulling a sickie from time to time, they will make sure you don’t stay in bed all day.

Nurses Work Hard

Nurses are no slackers. It takes a lot of time and effort to study – and pass – a nursing degree. Some nurses also go on to study for a doctor in nursing practice, which is even more intense, so if your life partner is a doctor of nursing practice, you know they have a tremendous work ethic.

Nurses are Great in an Emergency

You or I would probably keel over at the sight of buckets of blood and severed limbs, but a nurse would remain calm and know exactly what to do. This comes in useful when you have kids, but also if you happen to be accident prone or a bit sickly. Nurses are also not squeamish, so they can cope with all manner of bodily fluids, which is great if you eat a dodgy curry.

Nurses are Team Players

Nurses are trained to put their personal issues to one side when dealing with tricky situations. They can’t afford to take their problems to work and won’t allow minor petty arguments to turn into major problems. If they did, their patients would be at risk. Consequently, having a nurse for a partner means you are less likely to end up not speaking to one another for days at a time.

Nurses Have Excellent Communication Skills

All nurses are trained in the art of communication. Effective communication skills are essential when dealing with sick patients, their families, and other medical staff. They are also very useful with a relationship.

You won’t have great chemistry with every nurse you meet, but if you do happen to meet one you like, they will definitely be a keeper.