Email marketing campaign is the most important marketing strategy when it comes to driving customers to certain actions, raising brand awareness or promoting the services and products. It is a necessity to know how to write and compose the right email, how to add an email signature and then send it to the right people at the right time.

Well, yes, now there are a number of social media platforms to advertise and generate buzz, yet email marketing remains an authentic way to campaign. If you are still not convinced why emails are so important then we have got five reasons why you need use emails and run an email marketing campaign. Keep reading!

The Importance of Email

Sending emails is a crucial thing to do while promoting your brand. There are lots of reasons but here we have listed the most important ones for you:

  1. More and more people start using emails

Email is one of the oldest methods of conveying a message before Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp came into existence. According to recent statistics, almost 2.6 billion people using email worldwide and the usage is expected to increase up to 2.9 billion by 2019. This proves the continuous increase in email usage, as well as an email signature.

Also, business related people, millennials and people who are not really into social media can be reached through emails easily. Even those people who are not so active on the internet can be reached by an email. And of course, users who are active on social media must have valid email addresses that you can use to advertise your brand.

  1. Emails are easy, fast and simple to use

Emails are the least complicated thing on this planet if you have used it. It is a simple letter writing online platform which delivers the message without any delay. Almost everyone knows how to use email and it is easy to learn.

Yeah, there are certain parts of the email which may take some time to understand but we can bet that they are way easier than using Facebook or Instagram. Any email platform like Gmail or Yahoo! is easy to sign up and get started with.

Also, they are mobile friendly, you can use all their features in the smartphone. You can easily add banners and images, attach documents, links and upload an email signature to your message.

  1. Emails are professional and authentic

When people receive an email, they expect it to be something important like invitation letter, recruitment letters, and other similar messages. Such things are not expected on Twitter or Facebook. Social media pages are meant to stay connected with your family and friends, and stay updated about the trends happening around the world.

Sometimes, we get the news feeds from social networks that are not authentic. Once a fake news on Facebook had a major impact on the German elections according to Financial Times. Therefore, people believe more in an email and, usually, they tend to register through the emails with personalized subject lines.

  1. Emails are inexpensive and affordable

We all know that we don’t need to pay any money to send an email or to receive it. But we also don’t have to spend a penny on Instagram or Twitter. However, when you want to advertise something on Facebook or want to reach many people then you need to empty your pockets. But that is not the case in emails.

You may need to spend some small amount of money to use some useful email tools but free ones are also available. For example, you can design and build a professional email signature using the NEWOLDSTAMP free email signature generator.

  1. You can count and track everything

Yes, that is true, you can keep a track of everything going on with your emails. You can measure the number of emails opened, not opened, number of subscribed people, number of people who visited your website through the email and number of people who registered through the CTA tab in the email. You don’t need to guess how many people will see or just scroll past it.

In this digital age, the savvy marketer can and should use emails and make a plan for the email marketing campaign. The five reasons above prove why the email marketing is necessary.

If you found them useful and convincing, go ahead and create your own emails and signatures to send them to your target audience and promote your business, events or services. All the best!