Most of us download Movies , Videos, Softwares online for free. But when you are out and want to Download anything from some other Computer ans Internet connection then you must check the Internet Speed before Downloading anything . Now I am going to post about some WebApps or tools using which you can check the Speed of Your Internet Connection.

1. – This is the most Popular tool which is used by mamy people to check the Internet Speed. You need adobe Flash player in order to check the Speed.

2. – This is a similar tool like Speedtest but with less functionality.

3. – This is a tool to check the internet speed but you need to choose a perticular server among various Servers listed there.

4. Bandwidth speed-testing – It calculates the downloading and Uploading Speed at a very faster rate..

5. – Along with checking the internet speed , it will also give the detailed information og the IP address of your internet connection.

So Bookmark these Sites so that you can use it anytime you want. Enjoy.

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