Understanding the working of the digital marketing and web designing is an immense task, and there are so many different factors associated with it. The PPC is one such factor which you need to understand to earn revenue from your website. Once you have built a website or online content the main aim would be to earn from it. PPC is one of the most fundamental ways in which you can earn from online content. PPC or pay per click is a concept of earning revenues through your ads where you would be paid every time someone clicks on it. The working of PPC is complex, and newcomers in the world of digital marketing have to master the various aspects of it to make the most of the PPC feature. It can be an expensive loss if you are unable to use PPC for your benefit as the services are costly. Here we are going to explain you all that is there is know about PPC.

How does it work?

Successful advertising has much to do with the relevance. This means that there should be enough relation between the advertisement that is being created and the reason for creating the ad. It should be simple yet attractive enough and should be able to attract the interest of the customers. Google is the dominant platform for advertisement with Google Adwords; the search engine looks into some factors to rank adverts other than the amount of money they are spending on the ad.

There are several ways in which Google ensures that the advertisers on the Google Adwords are producing relevant content for the users and not just random topics. There is a feature called the “quality score” for keeping track of this. The quality score forms the base of the Adwords campaign that you are running. If your quality score is high, and you have enough traffic, the overall advertisement costs would be reduced as well.

The primary focus of Google is to provide relevant content to the users. If a particular user search for something Google would come up with the closest possible contents and the users would eventually click on them. When they click that in turn generates profit for the users. When the users can find the information they are looking for from the click, they are likely to come back again. This would lead to creating loyal search engine users too.

Google calculates a quality score for every keyword and from that decide the profit that you can earn through pay per click on your site.

The factors which determine the quality score

The clickthrough rate or CTR for any particular keyword and the related advertisement influence the quality score for the ad. The CTR rate can be explained by the number of clicks on an ad divided by the impression of the ad. Impression means the number of time the ad is being displayed on the internet. This is expressed in the form of a percentage. The high clickthrough rate for any particular advertisement would help in enhancing the quality score which in turn improve the PPC for the ad. You can find about your quality score for the ad campaign by just adding the attribute of the quality score to the campaign. Local business marketing services can also help you out with these solutions as well.

Both the historical CTR as well as the overall account history together determine the quality score for the ad URL, and hence you should heed to both of them.

The functions of keywords and Adwords

There are types of keywords as well. There are negative keywords, and you would not want them to appear on your ads. Hence it is important to derive and understand which are the negative keywords for your brand and add them continuously to the relevant tab to ensure that your ads do not appear next to the things which negate the arguments and principles of your brand. In your Adwords account, you can quickly add the negative keywords now and ensure that the ad does not appear where you do not want it to.  Gaining control over your ad is much easier now with the help of the new features on Adwords by Google.

The match type also determines the quality score as well. Some can be an exact match with the keywords, and other can be partial and broader match as well.

PPC adverts

It is important to check regularly the click through and the bounce rate for the ads which you have displayed. Check whether people are clicking on the ad or are going away because the ad appears misleading to them. The misleading ad can have an adverse impact on the potential clients. People who consider buying by clicking on your ad may not come back again if they feel they are being misled in some way. When you are writing an ad, focus on conveying the unique selling point and similar features of your ad copy. Also, put the keywords in your title for the ad. Also, make sure that your ad is easy to read and can be understood quickly by the consumers. If the space available to you permits to put the primary keyword within the URL of your ad.


It can be said that PPC and reaping maximum benefit from it requires some complex factors to be considered. Proper understanding and clear concept of the feature is essential to make maximum profit with it. Many web developers rely on the PPC to a large extent for making money online. If you are thinking about working with PPC, it is important to learn all that you can first about it.

Author Bio: The writer of the article Albert C. Stoltzfus has collaborated with various local business marketing services. She has an apparent conception of the pay per click service and can guide you with all the relevant information on the same.