MacBook pro is powerful and faster than its previous versions. It is remarkably lighter and thinner. It has the most colorful and brightest Mac Notebook display. It has a multi-touch enabled Touch bar built in its keyboard that allows easy access to all the tools. MacBook pro is just amazing. In every way it is the best of its kind. It has all the excellent features that can make you crazy about it.


New MacBook Pro comes with high performance processors that offer 3.8 GHz turbo boost processing. It also offers 130% faster graphics. It has 100% faster flash storage. It can be purchased at discounted prices by using the Ebay promo code. The battery of this device can last up to 10 hours. With all these features, the device offers best performance.


It has the best Mac Notebook display. It features 67% higher contrast ratio and brighter LED backlight. Its retina display has larger pixel aperture with variable refresh rate that makes it more power efficient as compared to its previous versions. MacBook is the first Mac Notebook that supports wide colors even for more vibrant colors.

Touch Bar

The Touch Bar in new MacBook adds all the most relevant tools to your keyboard. This makes your work easier. Touch Bar has all the tools that are already familiar to you so it will be easy for you to use them. With just a single touch, you can choose from text suggestions, shortcuts and many more things. You can just tap on the touch bar to edit photos.


Speakers of the notebook are specifically designed to provide higher dynamic range with up to 58 % more volume. These speakers are directly connected to the system power. They offer a louder bass. This makes new notebook Pro perfect for editing videos, enjoying movies and songs on the go and mixing tracks.

Thunderbolt 3

It comes with Thunderbolt 3 which is the most versatile and powerful port ever. It integrates charging, video output and data transfer all in a single connector. It delivers 40Gbps of bandwidth. MacBook Pro has total four ports that you can use to connect your devices.

Different models

The notebook is available in 3 different models – 13 inch model, 13 inch model with Touch Bar and Touch ID, and 15 inch model.

From the specifications and features it is clear that MacBook Pro is just incredible. From processor to keypad, everything is just amazing. It has not a single drawback. So, make your mind and buy it using the discount coupons available at Internal storage is more than enough. RAM is also high. Display and design is up to the mark. Performance is also excellent because the speed of processor is very high and it can also increase with turbo booster.