Marketers are attracted to post ads on Facebook because it costs them almost nothing while they get high to reach. The cost of an advertisement depends on the extent of engagement the ads create and its scope. The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is that it gives your exceptional business outreach without pinching your pockets. However, you must be familiar with the ways of leveraging Facebook ads to derive the expected returns. Through the advertising campaign, you can gain insight into your existing and potential customer behavior and attitude that allows you to create campaigns that are more effective. Creating effective advertising campaigns is only possible when you are well informed and familiar with the intricacies on advertising on the platform. In this article, you will find information about Facebook advertising that will be useful to create the right advertising strategies.

Make use of click to chat option in advertising

There is no better way to get closer to customers and create better engagement than using the chat facility that Facebook offers to advertisers. Surprisingly, this is one of the least used advertising features, even though it creates high impact. It is particularly useful for customer service but also works very well for users already familiar with the products or services. If they seek further clarifications before deciding on a purchase, the chatting option gives them great satisfaction.

Consider the season of bidding

To determine the cost of an impression, Facebook uses an algorithm that drives the bidding process. Several variable factors define the price of an impression, but the most influencing factor is the number of accounts vying for a particular target. The laws of demand and supply govern the bidding process – the higher the number of bids on a particular target, more will be the cost of an impression.  The cost per click is highest on specific days like Black Friday, Christmas, etc. Businesses that want to reap the benefits of a larger sale on special occasions must be ready to shell out more for that particular advertisement campaign.

Be mindful of text in images

The delivery of ads depends on the extent of text included in images, as the professionals at Sherman Square Marketing will tell you. Images that have more texts experience lower delivery.  If you wish higher distribution or ads at a reduced cost, ensure that images have minimal or no texts at all because Facebook likes it that way. Facebook categorizes images according to the amount of text it contains and denotes it as high, medium, small and ok.  The better you are in optimizing texts in advertisements, the lower price you pay for it but enjoy better delivery.

Device based strategy works better

Facebook is aware of how much people are fond of the idea one-size fits all and incorporates it on its advertisement platform. There is no need to create separate ad campaigns for different devices because Facebook facilitates spreading a single ad campaign across all kinds of devices. Although it might cut short the work of advertisers, those who want to focus better on different types of customer behaviors must have separate advertising strategies for specific groups. Moreover, different devices have different requirements, and it is always better to address it separately through an individual plan.

Use insights provided by Facebook for better targeting

Facebook provides much information about the audience behavior and attitude on the advertising campaigns. These insights are valuable for understanding the audience better as you come to know more about them.  You know about their purchasing habits, economic condition, online behaviors and many more things. Knowing the audience better and reading their minds correctly are essential to create advertising strategies that can turn out to be more efficient.

Take advantage of similar reach targeting

Low cost is one of the attractions of Facebook advertising, but do you know what the reason for the low cost is? Without delving into the technicalities of pricing, one thing that comes out very clear is that although you create advertisements for a particular genre of the audience, the same ad reaches other sections of the public that have similar characteristics. All this happens without paying anything extra. This is the secret behind the low cost of advertising because the additional outreach you get lowers the CPA. Facebook uses the data that it gathers about your target audience to reach out to similar sections of potential customers.

Refresh ad content for improved frequency

How many times an advertisement is shown to the public is important for advertisers because they would like to have a maximum frequency of repetition. However, in Facebook advertising, advertisers have no control over it as it depends on Facebook to decide the frequency of repeating advertisements. This can negatively affect your reach to potential customers. To overcome the problem, keep changing the advertorial content with regularity so that the ads do not turn stale and show up to the audience frequently.

Use video ads as less as possible

Videos have high impact but using video ads for Facebook advertising is not a good idea. Remember that the purpose of advertising on Facebook is to generate clicks on your website, but videos do not help much in this respect, although it is very efficient in communicating messages. The problem with videos is that users tend to get involved in other social activity on the post as they start commenting and liking it and the aspect of clicking on your website gets lost in the process.

Avoid unwanted exposure on audience network

Advertisers want productive clicks on advertisements that drive traffic to sites and for the purpose would like to limit the exposure of ads by avoiding audience network that does not drive traffic.  Facebook addresses this concern adequately by taking two different measures. Firstly, it excludes websites like gambling and dating from the reach of ads and secondly allows users to upload a list of sites to exclude from the reach of ads.

Remaining alerted and well informed about the ever-changing features of the Facebook advertising is the best way to make proper use of the most rewarding marketing platform.

About the Author: Bill Henderson is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant associated with Sherman Square Marketing Company. His SEO skills have helped many companies turn its fortunes. His writings are in demand from major publications.