Fitbit Charge 2

Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s goal. To stay fit we try to eat healthily, exercise daily, and make a note of the number of calories that we have consumed. One of the good ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by adding the Fitbit gadget into our daily routine. This gadget is perfect for people who run on a daily basis and want to keep a track of the number of steps they have taken while walking or jogging. If you have been thinking of buying Fitbit watches then take a look at our top 5 picks. These Fitbits are value for money, they are effective, looks fantastic, and functions well too.

This is one of the best Fitbits to buy in India. It has got a bigger screen compared to the original. It comes with heart rate tracker and a guided breathing feature. The multi-sport tracking will let you track all your outdoor runs, weight training, walking as well as many other exercises.

You can connect it with the GPD on your phone to keep a record of your runs. For swimming, we will not recommend the Fitbit Charge 2.


Price: 12,104 INR

Fitbit Blaze


Fitbit Blaze is actually the dark horse. It has got a strange design but does everything that a fitness tracker should do. The design might seem to be a little off, but if you can do with that, then Fitbit Blaze is the perfect fitness trekker which you can buy at an amazing price. The display on this trekker will let you see message notifications. You get a lot of features with the Fitbit Blaze, one of them being the SmartTrack, it calculates the number of calories you burn on a daily basis while working out. Here’s Amazon India promotional codes online for you to let you buy this fitness tracker at an amazing price.



Price: 17,999 INR

Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch, Small


If you want to buy a fitness tracker which has GPS tracking, let’s you see the distance you have covered, check out the split times, and also lets you review routes, then you can buy Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch. You can wear it while sleeping as well. It will monitor your sleep too. It comes with a touchscreen display and lets you see text notification as well as see calls too.


Price: 17,994 INR

Fitbit Alta HR

This Fitbit watch from Alta HR looks super stylish and slim. The heart rate monitor will keep a track of your heart rate when you go for outdoor jogging. The original Alta, however, is a little lighter than this one, but the brand new Alta HR looks brilliant and is more than a basic step tracker. This one doesn’t have any GPS. Other than that, this Fitbit is perfect for everyone who wants to keep wearing it all day and even during sleep to monitor their sleep. The battery lasts for a week and you can check messages and other notifications alert on this device. Try Shopclues online shopping offer for electronics to buy the Fitbit Alta HR at a great price.


Price: 14,470 INR

Fitbit Flex 2


If you are looking for a fitness trekker which is not complicated at all and is extremely easy to use, then the Fitbit Flex 2 will be the perfect device for you. This is one fitness trekker which you can wear even under water. This waterproof device is perfect for fitness freak and does all the work of a Fitbit. One little drawback that we could figure out is that you will have to charge it in every 2-3 days as it doesn’t last for too long. Otherwise, it’s good to go fitness trekker band.


Price: 6420 INR


Think about your requirement and likewise head towards purchasing it. The one which wins the race is the Fitbit Flex 2. It is affordable, does everything that a fitness tracker should do and can be worn while swimming as well.