Call Centers Outsourcing – Is It A Money Saver Or A Burden On Your Expense?

The motto of call center business outsourcing is to provide optimum customer satisfaction.If you look at reason behind excellent support of any giant business, you will find the significant contribution of the call centers. They treat your customers as their own.

Let’s see what efforts they put in to provide quality services to your customers.


Apart from the calling professionals, they exclusively set up a team of professionals who keep check on the communication between your customers and their calling executives.

  • They have their own team of Quality Analysis.
  • The aim of QA team is to improve customer experience.
  • They record conversations for analysis, in which they find out the loop holes on both the ends.
  • To keep their QA executives up-to-date with the latest technology, and provide hands on experience with the new calling tools.
  • Keep getting certifications from the reputed organizations to prove their level quality.
  • Strictly follow the Six Sigma methodology.
  • Keep planning new strategies to improve performance quality and productivity level.
  • Proactively collects feedbacks from the customers to target scope of improvement in the quality levels.
  • Provides customized services according to the different requirement of the different businesses.
  • Run training and induction programs for the new recruits.

Now let’s have a look upon quality monitoring procedures of the call centers outsourcing.

  • For monitoring quality procedures, they hire teams of professionals who have years of experience in call monitoring. They do thorough research and analysis on the queries, problems, and qualms recorded in the calls.
  • At every stage of call monitoring process, they follow all the standards of call center quality assurance.
  • Instead of following the commonly-observed hierarchy system, they set higher specification standards for their each team.
  • They also provide freedom to perform specific tasks to their employees independently, so that at the end the effort of individuals and team can contribute to the growth of a company as a whole.
  • After certain period of time, they keep making little changes in their process flow to diminish the scope of improvement.

Now let’s understand the reasons behind the powerful performance of the call centers outsourcing, which make them so efficient.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure helped the call centers outsourcing expanding its roots as a major growth contributor in the different business industry.
  • Scalable and flexible distributed architecture of the technology used in their infrastructure.
  • Intuitively induced redundancy on the multiple levels to provide glitch free access and data transferring.
  • To check call quality, additional Graphical User Interface (GUI) is present.
  • New web apps are included to track down the performance of agents, supervisors, and call centers.
  • Do end-to-end call recording as per the standards of recording policies.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Provide detailed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly analysis report on demand.
  • Access to data tagged with call analysis.
  • Provide freedom to train their agents as per your project requirement.

So far, we discussed how you can take advantage from the services of call center business. Now let’s have an insight on their process flow, which help them to outperform.

The well-structured flow of their processes leaves almost no scope for error. They keep their process open for the significant changes. This not only helps them to improve their strategies, but also guarantees maximum productivity and assured success. Their complex and streamlined processes simplifies the tasks and produces best results in less time.

They also plan their processes bearing one thing in mind that their plans should be cost-friendly and produce maximum productivity, and the motto to keep their customers happy and satisfied by providing optimum quality services should not be out of mind.

  • They plan strategies to improve their minute-to-minute transactional intensity and process scalability.
  • For the small team of agents they provide one-on-one coaching.
  • The mentor will be responsible for his and the team member’s target.
  • Different HR or Admin is allocated for the different shifts to handle attendance and attrition. The HR people are also responsible for counselling and Employee Satisfaction (ESAT).
  • The team handling process planning conduct sessions and share best practices for how to improve project performance.
  • The focal point of exclusively setup Customer Management team is customer interaction.
  • And the last but not the least, the QC Team runs audits, quality analysis checks for the process, trainings and feedbacks.

The Proven and Guaranteed call centers outsourcing has made its mark in the cut-throat business world with its passion to serve best to their client, and love to keep their infrastructure updated.