Have you been watching a particularly useful tech video recently and wanted to capture it so that you could save it and watch it later? Of course, if it is a high-quality video then you probably would like to preserve its quality as well – which is why you may be looking for ways to capture videos in HD.

To record videos in HD you need to ensure that you’re able to capture them in HD resolutions – i.e. 720p or 1080p. Fortunately, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of doing just that, and it will be fairly easy for you to set it up to record precisely the HD resolution that you require.


Once you launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio, select ‘Record screen’ in the main menu to get started. After that, you will be able to define the capture area by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor to draw a frame – which should be in an HD resolution.


If you prefer however you could adjust the resolution afterwards using the presets in the list under ‘Capture Area’. Not only are there several HD resolutions available there, but you could opt for Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record in ‘Full Screen’ as well.


While that is all that is needed to ensure that you’re able to record HD quality video, you should also set up the other recording parameters according to your needs such as the audio source, sound levels, and so on. For the best quality videos you may also want to adjust the frame rate under ‘Options’ then ‘Preferences’ and ‘Video’.


In order to start recording, you need only press ‘REC’and can control the recording with the ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ buttons. After you do stop recording Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you the choice of either saving the video right there and then or opening it in its editor.


If you opt for the latter, you’ll be able to edit the footage that you’ve recorded and improved its quality further. In fact, the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor will let you cut and join video segments, apply special effects, including audio tracks, add captions, insert animated transitions, and much more.


As you can see it is relatively easy to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio as an HD video recorder, and the only real prerequisite is that you select the right resolution. That being said if you want to ensure that you capture high quality and professional-looking videos you should take advantage of the other features that are present as well so that you can record great footage and then edit it till its perfect.