Internet and Technology has changed the world in such a way that we have never Imagined. Within so limited time, modern Technology became so popular throughout the World that new generation kids dont know many things that we knew 15 years ago. They just read in Books about the way a Normal Human lives. But in reality its completely Different. There are lots of Changes which will lead to completely  change of the way we Live now.

No longer we visit bank to Withdraw Money, for that we have ATM near our home. But now using Internet we can access our Bank Accounts inside our home. Similarly previously we used to goto Internet Cafe to surf Internet but now we have Broadband connections in our Home and Fast 3G Internet in our Mobile Phones. So, basically the way we are living is changing drastically.

Here I am listing some things are practices which Internet and Technology have changed –

Yellow Pages-


I will say that this has changed our Lifestyle. Previously every year a new Yellow Page was published and Distributed to everyone. Can you Imagine how much Paper (and Plants) are used to make these Thick Books. Thanks to Internet Technology which helped savingTons and Tons of Paper and help getting Latest Uptodate Information about stuffs we want to know.


reading newspaper

Secondly the Newspaper. Every Morning we wait for Newspaper to arrive and after that only we were able to know about the Latest News but now there is no need to wait. We can get all latest and Real time News about Any Topic from various sources such as Twitter and different news channels.

Reel Camera

reel camera

You have to agree about this. Previously we used to Buy a Camera, Buy camera Reel, take 25-30 pictures and then again pay to make it Positive Copies and then Share it with others. But now, takeout your Mobile Camera, Take a Picture, Upload it and Share it Instantly with anyone you want,

Public Phones

Public Phones

Call anyone you want Instantly through your Mobile Phone. If you have fast Internet connection then start Video chat with anyone throughout the World. This is Possible now. But think about few years back when there was no Mobile Phones for Public and many were depended on Public Telephone booths. If the phone doesnot work then walk for a Long Distance to find another Phone to use.



When you will as a Next generation Kid about Encyclopedia then he will correct you the Word with Wikipedia. Yes, its true and this will happen. Now we can know about whatever we want Instantly through Internet, easily and for Free.



Some years ago it was very popular as it was used to send Documents to a Long Distance instantly. But now as we have Scanner and Internet we can send any number of Documents to anyone we want for Free and with a more clear View.

Classified ads in Newspapers

Classified ads in newspapers

Newspaper is flooded with Classified Ads because of its Popularity. Every ad you post , you will get lots of response from it. But now things have changed, now the same things happens but over the Internet, you can post ads on Different website to get Exposure online and Offline too.

CDs and Cassettes-


I really Miss this. I am a Hardcore fan of Linkin Park and I usually but his Music DVDs and CDs from the Local store but now I get the latest songs of Him as soon as it is released. And on the store it comes after a month or more.

Paying Bills

paying bills

This is another Best Way Internet has Helped us. Standing in a Queue was a big problem by Most of the People but now its has changed as we pay Instant Bills online.

Paper Maps

paper maps


When we visit some unknown place then we have to keep a Map guide with us so that we can know routes. But now using GPS we can know the Exact Location of the Place and know different restaurants, public places and all with reviews too.

So this is the way Technology has Changed the way we live.