Cost is the factor for which marketers have to apply their minds to decide the way they want to make use of SEO and PPC. Since it is not possible to figure out the expected ROI, it becomes quite difficult to decide on the issue.  When done correctly, both SEO and PPC have an enormous potential of generating traffic and creating conversions.  However, to implement it correctly, you must have complete knowledge about the processes including how these are different and what are its limitations and strengths so that you can choose by evaluating the ground realities. The circumstances under which you intend to use both or any of the processes is very critical for its success. Something that works well in certain circumstances may not function in the same way in another situation.

Any digital marketing agency would love to include both SEO and PPC in the marketing campaign, but for the feasibility of the processes in terms of return on investment, they would like to have a closer look at the situation and then take a call. The majority of search traffic generates from organic searches and SEO is the obvious choice of any marketer.  Although upfront cost of SEO seems higher, it equalizes in the long run by generating more traffic.  PPC is fast acting and can give a more rapid return on investment as the PPC ads will always appear higher than organic searches. However, how much return you can get from it depends on several factors. Moreover, the bidding process of PPC can turn out quite costly, if you are aiming for the top spot.  In this article, we will explore the various situations when these processes could flourish.

SEO gives consistent result

SEO is a time-consuming process, and it builds up gradually. You need to give it time to perform and provide results.  No matter how experienced you might be in implementing SEO, it will never be possible to appear within the top five positions of the search results in just a few months.  The five top spots are highly productive because the majority of searchers are reluctant to go further down and is the reason why the maximum traffic generates from it. Being there would ensure that your website enjoys a steady flow of traffic round the clock. Once you achieve the target, just keep up the good work to make sure that you stay there for longer period.

SEO helps to build authority

When you want to establish your website as an authority in your industry niche, the only way of doing it is by implementing SEO.  By establishing your website as a recognized resource for reliable information, you can draw the attention of people who treat your site as a ‘go to’ place for authentic information. Once your website demonstrates its authority, it will attract more traffic just from URL recall alone. For building authority of sites, focus on sustainable traffic generation to the website pages that adds up in building a reputation that finally exerts its dominance in the market. For generating a sustained flow of traffic, you must depend on high-quality content backed by solid SEO strategy.

Enhance the value of website with SEO

If your goal is to increase the value of your site, then you must use SEO.  Websites are virtual assets like real estates, and you can even think of selling it out at some point in time by adding more value to it. For increasing the value, you must focus on several factors like page rank, consistency in traffic generation, the volume of traffic generated, link popularity, search engine rankings over a length of time and similar other factors. It needs real hard work and investment to add value to the asset just as you would remodel your home to raise its equity.

Except for the fact that PPC advertisements use keywords and it appears on the search result page, it does not have any similarity with SEO. Moreover, you pay to search engines for PPC campaigns that you need not when you run SEO campaigns. The circumstances that help PPC to function at its best find place in the subsequent paragraphs.

PPC is fast acting and gives prompt results

As soon as the PPC advertisement appears on the top of search results, you will experience a flow of traffic to your websites almost immediately. It takes just as much time to drive traffic to your site, as it would take to switch on an electric lamp.  The speed of response encourages marketers to use PPC for product launches, CPA marketing, squeeze pages, seasonal promotions, event focused marketing, affiliate marketing, and similar business campaigns online.

PPC generates highly targeted traffic

If you want to market products to some specific audience based on demographics, then PPC is your best bet. PPC allows you to narrow down your prospects and by using the appropriate marketing platform like the social media; you can segregate the audience according to gender, age, education level, income and marital status who would be viewing the advertisements. The traffic that generates is thus highly targeted, and the response comes from the desired section of the audience that you have in mind.

PPC suits marketing of time bound offers

Since SEO takes time to give results, to market products attached with some time bound offers that come as special promotions, PPC is the best choice due to its fast acting feature. Even if you have just one day for the sale window, PPC can be very effective in making it happen as traffic starts flowing as soon as the ad appears.

PPC dominates rankings in keyword category

To dominate search results for keyword category relevant to your business, you can make good use of PPC campaigns because the ad appears at the top of the organic rankings and draws the largest attention and response from viewers. Three sponsored links together attract half of the search traffic.

As changing business scenarios could cover one or many of the above situations, a healthy mix of SEO and PPC is always preferred.

Author Bio: Phillip Austin is an SEO specialist and in charge of marketing of a leading digital marketing agency. He has made several e-commerce companies make the turnaround and placed it on the fast track of growth. A dramatist persona, he has penned a few stories that he has also acted on the stage.