With the advent of outdoor digital signage, the traditional billboard advertisings such as hoardings and big print ads have now become outdated. These electronic message boards are quite cost effective due to the LED display technology. Such creative advertising helps business to keep their display content fresh and new every day.

Many studies have proven that as much as more than 60% of the new customers get to know about a particular business through the on-premise signboard. Experts state that digital signage has a strong and apparent impact on spreading awareness about a brand and increasing its sales.

Even though this is the case, many of the advertisers are still unaware of how to create the most appealing imagery or messages for LED signs. Though the technology comes with its limitations such as space constraints, the common issues can be solved with creative strategizing. Here, we are going to discuss some out-of-the box tips that will help you improve your advertising efficiency through LED display boards.

Spread a large

 message through a short content

Confusing, right? The concept is not to cram your displays with long messages written in small fonts. Always make sure that the font size is at least 12″ or greater to make it easier for the viewers to read. The content of the message should also be precise, to the point, and appealing to the readers. The good news is that there are plenty of tricks to try out in shortening the messages for LED signs.

While writing content for your electronic billboard, come with at least five different versions of a particular idea that you want to convey. Try to get rid of the longest sentences. Find ways to shorten the content without losing the meaning, remove any add-on adjectives or unnecessary words.


  1. Instead of using full sentences, try to be smart with crisp and catchy ones. For example, “Would you like to have some fresh French fries?” can be easily represented with a quick “Fries Today?”
  2. Try to use symbols instead of words. Use “&” / “+” or use “=” to express relationships.

It is also possible to use images on LED displays now, and a single image can replace a thousand words.

Slider messages

LED display designs also let you add various slides to convey a single message. When used correctly, it can help to create curiosity and anticipation in the viewers. For example, instead of writing “You get everything at 50% off today only, limited stock!” in big bold letters, go for something short and simple like “Today only!” as the first scroll. You can add a second slide with the words, “Hurry, limited stock!” to add more impact.

Use contrasting colors and clear pictures

While designing content for LED boards, it is essential to choose an appropriate font that is easy to read from a distance. You may want to have your LED signs look great and modern, but if someone who passes by the board cannot notice the message instantly, it becomes useless.

Whatever strategy you use in content display, it is always essential to test it to ensure its impact before finalizing it. You can develop content and run it for a couple of days to see the response.