There is always a risk of mechanical failure with vehicles, machines and aircraft. It can be really frustrating to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without any supplies for minor maintenance and repairs. For example, a car that stalls in the countryside may have to wait for hours to receive roadside assistance. Something as simple as a dead battery may completely paralyze a vehicle on the road. Therefore, it’s important for drivers to bring along jump starting units that could get a car back on the road in a matter of minutes. Jump starters for cars provide direct current in the proper voltage in order to initiate the battery and turn the engine on.


The concept of jump starters also applies to locomotives and aircraft. For example, a train car may have to be towed along railroad tracks in severe weather conditions. A compact locomotive starter can be used to haul the train car and quickly start up the engine. Once a train’s engine is completely operational, the compact starter unit can be detached.

Ground Power Supplies are also useful for using the electricity from standard outlets and charging or starting up locomotives, vehicles and aircraft. Start Pac is an example of a supplier of GPU and engine starter units for various applications such as aviation, machinery, rail and automobiles.

Aviation starter units are extremely important for maintenance purposes. Small aircraft are at high risk of getting stuck due to engine failure and other glitches with the electrical system. Fortunately, aviation starter units can be used to quickly turn on the jet engines of various types of aircraft that are used for general aviation. Charter jets can benefit from having on board starter units that could be pulled out and applied as necessary. For example, an emergency landing may be required in a remote airfield. Some small airports have limited maintenance supplies and staff. Therefore, a pilot of a charter jet must rely on himself for starting up the engine and getting back into the sky.

Starter devices for aviation have portable designs featuring wheels and handles.Lithium Ion batteries are used to deliver superior charging for small aircraft. Such technology is more reliable than traditional lead acid batteries that may get corroded or depleted over time. It’s important to understand that aviation starting units are designed to initiate the operation of an engine and not charge any batteries.

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