Do you know that your Facebook Password is not case sensitive. It doesnt mean that if you type in Small or Capital it will work. But I mean your facebook account has 3 passwords. It does mean that you can create 3passwords. Other than your present password there are 2more passwords which can be derived from your Present Password.

Let me tell you the 3passwords using which you can login to your account. Let your Present password is rightYAleft . The 3different passwords are listed below.

1. Your Default/Present Password-      rightYAleft

2. Your Default Password in reversed – RIGHTyaLEFT

3. Your default Password with 1st letter as Capital – RightYAleft

The 3rd one only works in mobile devices because some mobile automatically capitalize the first character.

So you will not faceany problems whilw logging in to your account if  “Caps Lock” is on or if your mobile device automatically capitalizes the first letter! Be ensure that this is not a BUG. Rather this technology has been designed by keeping common user mistakes in mind. This doesnt affect your account security.

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