I hate them who click on the X button in the Top right of the Tab after Reading only a Single Page of Blogs (Without Exploring other contents). If you are a Blogger then you will definitely understand what I want to say. Getting Traffic is one of the Ultimate goal of your Blog for which we do SEO, SMO, Link building and many other stuffs.

Its about Bounce Rate. If you have done Good SEO in your Blog and when a Visitor comes to your Blog from Search Engine and closes your Site after viewing the Only page then I know its just a waste of your Handwork which you have done for your blog.


Reduce Bounce Rate of your Blog
Reduce Bounce Rate of your Blog

If you will search about method of Reducing Bounce Rate then you will get many tips. I also did that when I started by Blog first and knew about Bounce Rate. Here I want to show some Method which will definitely help you to reduce your Bounce Rate of your Blog.

Add a Search Box in the Page

When a Visitor comes to your Site and if they found the content interesting then they will definitely want to search something more in the site. So better to add a Search Box in the site. They will love to explore your Blog.

Add Videos and Presentations to Posts

You can add interesting Video (Youtube or Vimeo Videos) or Presentation (Slideshare presentations  to the Blog Posts to keep your Visitors long in the Blog. You can show videos of any Product Demonstration, Company Offsite or some other Videos which will be related to your Post.

Embed Polls to the Posts to engage users

Adding Polls to the Posts will also help to increase Visitors of your Blog as user can know about other Users Review about the product or the Post of Products.

Make the Complex Navigation Simple

Many New bloggers add menus everywhere in the blog which they think will make visitors click on them, but it doesn’t happened. Just make it simple to navigate where the user want.

Thats it. If you will do these simple steps then you will definitely see Decrease in the Bounce Rate of your Blog.