Did you know? Companies use 25% of business to business marketing resources for event production, organization, and management. While events still have the highest ROI among all conventional business marketing methods, it is also the costliest. However, not all events can master the art of engagement. Most participants remain mute audiences, and the ROI is far lesser than what the organizers initially expect.

Why is your event ROI lesser than expected?

Initially, organizers thought it was due to the lack of face to face interactions. However, recent studies showed that the lack of engagement strategy was to blame for this. Simply creating a technological platform for your participants to interact with the event organizers, send feedbacks, complete surveys and send questions to live can increase engagement by up to 90%. The advantages do not end here. The attendees can also join membership programs, donate money for your next event and purchase your products or business ideas.

How do mobile apps help with event engagement?

Most people (97%) at any business event have their mobile phones on them. They already have their noses in their touchscreen phones; it is only about time most businesses utilized this to their advantage –

  1. Most participants have Android or iOS mobile phones that support smart apps. They just need a nudge to download another new one.
  2. The event apps can be compatible with all the latest platforms, so phones will not require added updates or software to run them.
  1. People who are too anxious about asking questions can send their queries via the app directly to the organizers.
  2. They don’t have to waste time filling up contact forms for registration, survey, and feedback. They can easily do so using responsive forms as a part of these event management apps.
  3. You can get a live rating of your event from your on-site audience without spending tons of extra cash on manual processes.

How are event apps advantageous for the organizers as well?

On the other hand, the backend managers do not have to labor for hours trying to convert hard data into soft data. They can enjoy some benefits as well –

  1. All the data will be live and working form.
  2. The data can directly go to the cloud storage or RDBMS of the company.
  1. This gives the company a chance to understand the need of the hour and estimate their current participating target groups.

The advent of mobile applications for event management, business and market research, live quizzes and event feedback can make sure that you don’t have to break a sweat collecting post-event data from your participants to analyze your possibilities better. This is rather a small investment towards a more informed and well-analyzed future of productive decision making. Check out applications surmesure pour événements to enhance your chances of organizing the next groundbreaking event and conference.