Whilst ensuring that your family is safe and secure from thefts and other such untoward incidents, you are most likely to pay an immense amount of attention to the main door and the back door to some extent. While these two places are the basic entry points for troublemakers, there is also an area of your home that is quite often left completely unattended with very little attention given and this can have devastating effects if not taken care of. The garage door is essentially the most neglected area of your home and is essentially the place that is more often used by burglars to break into your home. Therefore, conducting regular maintenance checks on your garage door to make sure that it is sturdy enough to not give way to burglars is important. Given below are some important tips and tricks to help you understand the importance of having a well maintained garage door to keep your home safe from unwanted threats.

maintenance of garage door

  1. The naked eye inspection:

Sometimes, you do not need any fancy equipment or spend a massive chunk of money of repair services; sometimes, all you need is to have a good eye and use your understanding to take a gander at every inch of the garage door with the intention of inspecting it carefully. You need to look at the garage door from the inside out. You need not hire any services to do this work for you as simple inspection can be done by any layman with basic knowledge of how the garage door works. All you have to do is make sure that you have carefully examined the various sections of the garage door including the hinges and brackets that keep the garage door connected to a particular surface. Besides, if there are any springs and tracks attached to the door, they should be considered for inspection as well to make sure they work perfectly and possess no potential threat of breaking or giving in.

  1. Check the garage doors using the reverse checking system:

Ideally, a functional garage door is one wherein it can understand the presence of an element or an object in its way and on detection, reverse its mode of closing. Conducting this test ensures that your garage door is safe enough so as to protect you in case any untoward incident were to take place. Ideally, you can conduct the reverse test simply by placing any object; say a wooden slab in its way. In an ideal situation, the garage door should make a reverse movement the minute it makes contact with the wooden slab.

  1. Manual opening and closing of the garage door:

With modern technology, automatic garage doors have gained good popularity; however, the only way you’ll know if your garage door is facing a problem is by manually checking its operation. For this, you need to disable the automatic function and use your hands to open and close the garage door. Whilst you’re doing this, it is important to check if the garage door functions smoothly without any issues. If you find yourself putting in more effort than you actually should, you should consider checking the garage door and fixing any issues that might need attention.

  1. Keep tabs on the sensors:

Often, the sensors, due to lack of cleaning, may not function quite well and may not react to your actions. In such circumstances, you need to make sure that you keep the sensors clean by using damp cloth and rubbing it gently across these sensors.

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Camilla Rae is the CEO of a company offering home security products like the local Berea ADT security systems that ensure top notch security for home owners. She has been working in this business for over 27 years and has had an immense amount of experience.

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