When the relationship is new, everything looks to be good. During this time, a couple takes time to know each other to see if they are compatible.

Not everyone is honest at the beginning of the dating period. Therefore, since you want to know the truth, you would want to carry out a background search on the person to find out if they are married or not.

With Zosearch, finding out if someone is married, or not, is simple. If you want to know how you can achieve this, then read this article.

Why asking his or her friends is a bad idea

Primarily, this is a new fling growing. Therefore, because you are trying to know the person, it is always kind to take things slow. If he or she has introduced you to his or her friends, you can jump right into asking them such sensitive matters.

Your plan might fail because if the friends are loyal to your prospects, they might choose to hide such details from you. Additionally, asking them such a question can create the wrong impression of you. They might find you as insecure, and they can use that as leverage to gossip about your or to tell the other party to leave you.

Hence, it is not the right way of solving this problem.

If you ask the person directly

Because you are also trying to know the person, asking them whether they are married, or not, directly could work against you. They could get angry with you for such comments and questions. Although you can also try finding information from their phone, it may not be as effective.

You can solve this problem with Zosearch

Before you start becoming vulnerable, any relationship counsellor will tell you that taking the time to know someone will be helpful. In this case, doing background searches by Zosearch could be something you should consider.

It has a people search service functionality that provides access to people’s information, and some of the details they would never tell you unless they are honest enough.

Since you want to know about their marital status, the document you will need to access in this case is the civil records.

How to use the people search option

Every function on Zosearch is simple to use. You do not need any tutorial or technical ability to understand how to use it.

If you have the person’s full names, then go to the people search page and paste the name on the form available at the top. Press search and wait for a few minutes for it to generate the full report.

Using the site is that simple. Besides that, you do not have to pay any dime to access this information. You can also contact the Zosearch support team in case you are stuck, which is rare. They will answer all your queries within a day.

Information you should expect from the report

Before you know what to expect from the report, one thing is for sure. The document provides accurate and up to date data. When searching, it connects to various records available in various government documents. Hence, you should not expect to find any wrong details within the report.

Some of the crucial details you will find include:

Nobody will know that you used Zosearch

By the fact that you are running a background search on someone, it can be quite creepy if your prospect finds out that you are stalking him or her. Zosearch understands this; therefore, it has a strict privacy policy. Your secret will remain safe with the site.

They are so strict that they even give users the option of removing or rectifying their details if they want to do so.

Final Thoughts

Before things become worse, you should know about your prospect. It will help you make sober decisions without any emotional influence. Zosearch gives you that chance to cut ties with a married man or woman before you get into trouble.

Since the site is free, you can carry out as many searches as possible. There are no limitations whatsoever.